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July 2020
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To be a young woman in Nigeria today is at times exciting, exhilarating, frustrating, but always promising. For the group of 10 young women featured here, aged between 20 and 30, the word, “trailblazer” aptly embodies who they are. These young and gifted female talent are breaking barriers and paving an empowering future for the next generation. […]


At a time when the dire situation endured by DRCong’s women has all but disappeared from the news headlines, Lisa Shannon, author of A Thousand Sisters, a book that documents her journeys to the country, aptly reminds the world that they cannot afford to forget or ignore the plight of Congolese women. Belinda: Is the […]


The most powerful thing you can ever do for yourself is to own your story and tell it ‘your own way and on your terms.’ Ask a journalist, who has worked hard on a story how frustrating it is when that same story is edited to take on a whole new meaning? But they soon […]


As women, our race, ethnicity and the choices we make in life may differentiate us but our experiences bring us to a place, where we converge and connect universally. We meet to share our stories and through our conversations we heal because talking about the issues that affect us, naked and unashamed with other women, […]


Bumi Thomas has such a distinctive sound, I find it hard to compare her to anyone. She is who she is and has grasped what it means to own your voice. I heard her live at an event in late 2011, armed with her guitar and voice, she blew me away. Now take that magnetic […]


In the final part of my interview with Fatoumata Diawara, the multi-talented singer-songwriter, whose voice reveals a rare vulnerability that should not be mistaken for weakness, talks about her influences, identity and what she wants people to take from her music. A non-conformist, Diawara defied tradition and escaped Mali as a teenager when under pressured from her […]


Fatoumata Diawara is a multi-talented singer-songwriter, whose voice reveals a rare vulnerability, not to be mistaken for weakness.  A non-conformist, she defied tradition and escaped Mali as a teenager when under pressured from her family to get married. Today, Diawara is using her music to expose the cultural prejudices faced by women across Africa and […]


FORWARD (Foundation for Women’s Health Research and Development) is an African diaspora women led NGO dedicated to the advancement and safeguarding of the sexual and reproductive health, and rights of African girls and women. Based in the UK, FORWARD works across Europe and Africa to help change practices and policies that affect the dignity and […]


Sada Mire is the world’s only Somaliland archaeologist, who has taken on the task of telling Africa’s forgotten stories hidden in some of its undiscovered ruins. Fuelled by her passion to see the image ofAfricamove beyond the one-dimensional narrative of poverty, famine and wars, Mire believes Africans must record their history and preserve their heritage […]


Endometriosis affects one in ten women around the world, yet little is known about the cause of this debilitating condition which can also render its sufferers infertile. I spoke to experts and victims to shed light on a neglected and potential killer of women in their prime. Adelaide Damoah is an artist of Ghanaian-British heritage. […]


Listed by the Powerlist 2011, as one of the most influential black people in Britain, Sandie Okoro is the Global General Counsel for Barings, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious financial institutions. The daughter of a Nigerian father and a Trinidadian mother,  and in her 40s, Okoro is one of a few women […]


With her earnest lyrics, a haunting and soothing sound and a raspy, seductive and magnetic voice, AYO has won adoring fans across Europe, North America and Africa, for her openness which many can relate to. In her own words, AYO on music as her therapy and why identity is important to her.   Belinda: What […]


By now, it is clear I am a sucker for the CNN’s programme, African Voices. It is a fascinating 30mins that gives you insight into the Africa, we don’t see a lot of in mainstream media. Hence, I cherish the opportunity to celebrate astounding and high achieving Africans who shed light on issues and the […]


Much has been written about the use of rape as a weapon of war and from the perspective of female victims. Rarely, do we hear about the fact that men also suffer.  Well, let’s demystify that myth – MEN SUFFER FROM GENDER BASED VIOLENCE AND THAT INCLUDES RAPE. In November 2010, it was reported by […]


This is not a subject some ladies like to talk about openly. Well, forgive me because I want to talk about it. Ladies have hair on their legs, the thick, dark and bushy kind, which you dare not show anyone. The type you will see on men like the picture to your right.  There I […]


Yesterday, I posted the article – Power to The Kink! It generated some very interesting response.  So, I  decided to search the web for some of the stories, I used as part of my research while writing that piece, especially, that of Patrick Richardson. Below are a selection of videos with diverse views and perspectives […]


Black women’s hair is a subject that arouses strong emotions and controversy. In Hair Power Skin Revolution, a collection of personal essays and stories, and poems by black and mixed-race women, Nicole Moore ignites a new dialogue on the subject, poignant and powerful, she chronicles why black women need to develop an eternal love affair […]


News about DR Congo and the atrocities against women has all but disappeared from the news in recent times. We cannot blame the news media for not saying much lately, there has been a  lot going on in the world, from Japan to Egypt to Libya. It has been an overwhelming four months. Nevertheless, some […]