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September 2020
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Who would have thought being a T-shirt entrepreneur has the power to evoke a multitude of emotions the way performance poet, Inua Ellams brought it to the fore in his latest theatre offering, Black T-Shirt Collection (BTSC). Currently showing at the Cottesloe, National Theatre,London, it is a narrative of vivid poetic artistry, Ellams takes us on a […]


You wake up one day and your husband is gone. You called his work place, they have no idea where he is and the mystery begins. Your pain and frustration is not helped by the fact that you have a son, who sees things and you do your very best to placate him that such […]


“I used to love England, we all did until those dickheads stole our future.” Never has a theatre production been timelier and precise than I’m England by Talawa Young People’s Theatre (TYPT.) It responds to recent events in England better than any psychologist or politician can attempt a reasonable explanation. Devised by young Londoners aged […]


The Oval House theatre has established itself as a venue for international playwriting, where playwrights from different parts of the world can come and share their stories. With its innovative new performance work that celebrates the diversity of cosmopolitan London, it has given us productions like Vakomana Vaviri Ve Zimbabwe (Two Gentlemen of Verona) with […]


Talawa Theatre is regarded as one of Britain’s foremost black-led theatre companies and has introduced emerging writing talents to the British theatre landscape over the years. As Talawa celebrates 25 years of work that has engaged theatre audiences and practitioners in the UK, and helped shape the way stories about BAME communities are told, it […]


Fela said music is a weapon and Angelique Kidjo said it is a window to the soul. Two very powerful statements about the power of music that I agree with.  Watching these two very different documentaries exploring the arts and its ability to influence people got me thinking because they opened my eyes to other […]


Fela! has been described as a provocative and unique hybrid of dance, theatre and music, which explores the extravagant, rebellious and controversial world of Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. However, little has been said of the women, who shaped his life. As the acclaimed production prepares to bring down the curtain down on its London run, […]


The name Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, conjures up an array of images and emotions; from enigma to polygamist to human rights activist and pioneer of Afrobeat, one of Africa’s most famous musical exports. Hence, it comes as no surprise that his life has become the focus of  the theatre stage in recent times.  Fela! the critically acclaimed […]


Mustapha Matura’s adaption of Anton Chekov’s Three Sisters, remains one of my most memorable theatre night out. No ordinary feat, he transported me to the Caribbean with his eclectic characters and electrifying dialogue. Chekhov would have approved. What a fine production that was under the direction of Paulette Randal.  Its 2010, and Matura, the award […]


It was back in 2005 and I was on my way to Ridley Road market. At Dalston junction, Hackney, London, my eyes caught a flyer minding its own business. But being a nosy lady, I could not help but notice it had the image of an elderly man dressed in African attire. I picked it […]


The Soho Theatre has been transformed into a mini-forest and its floor dressed with dry leaves. No, don’t go back, you are in the right theatre and the stage is set for Inua Ellams’ new play, Untitled, his second one-man theatre production. A poetic and magical story set in Nigeria, Untitled explores the intrinsic relationship […]


To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Nigeria’s Independence, Oval House Theatre presents Omo London, a season of plays examining the identity, heritage, and legacy of Nigerian communities in the UK. Written by Arinze Kene, 22, and artistic director of Inner City Theatre, Estate Walls, is one of the plays being staged. Told through rich, witty […]


The Oval House Theatre, London, is celebrating Nigeria’s  50 years of Independence in style, with  Omo London,  a  season of plays, which  examine the identity, heritage, and legacy of Nigerian communities in the UK. If that was not enough to make you get your Gele, a.k.a, Nigerian head-gear out and do some dance, this should […]


SCENE 3 REVELATIONS Saturday 11:30pm (Living room, ADE and REMI have just come back to the house from WOLE and DUPE’S naming ceremony. MAMA and SHOLA are asleep upstairs) REMI: I’m sure they got tired waiting up. ADE: Shola loves his beauty sleep, always the first to go to bed when we were kids. (Goes […]


SCENE 1 THE ARRIVAL Thursday 3pm (A three bedroom Maisonette in Thamesmead South East London, the living room is furnished with two settees, a television stand with a VCR and DVD player. A raffia mat hangs on the left side of the living room with two canvas paintings of ADE and REMI’S wedding on the […]


The first time I met Gbemisola Ikumelo, she was 25, working on the production, Life On The Stairs, a play which explored the issues of knife crime in London. Since then she has gone on to bigger and better things. In 2008, she worked with Tiata Fahodzi as an assistant director and in 2009, was […]


Regarded as one of Britain’s foremost Black-led theatre company, Talawa Theatre has engaged with new writing and introduced emerging writing talents to the British theatre landscape over the years. With and through playwrights like Michael Bhim, the company explores the subtlety and complexity of the black British experience. 2010 is no different. Back with, Flipping […]


Roy Williams is back and he is in shape and on form. His new play, Sucker Punch, at the Royal Court Theatre, lives up to its name. The Royal Court has been transformed into a boxing arena by Miriam Buether, the set designer, who leaves no stone unturned. The boxing ring is the right size […]