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April 2020
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Africa is open for business not exploitation. Whenever I hear of an African country giving land away to China or any other nation to develop and then weigh it up against the returns, my mind fails to comprehend why we keep short-changing ourselves. The stark difference between the two CNN stories below is alarming one […]


Reading is a window to the soul. Writing is the room where the bird hidden away in your spirit and soul comes out to fly and flap its wings. I saw the story of Still Waters In A Storm a few days ago on the BBC News Channel and I was moved because I understand […]


The news media has been filled with reports of Ghana becoming the newest oil producing nation. What I find baffling is the silly talk of the nation’s oil being a curse or a blessing. I would like to remind the world that Ghana is not Nigeria. Yes they are neighbouring countries but can we take […]


We all have issues! What?? What does she mean we all have issues?? I don’t have any issues. You tell a lie…liar, liar, pants on fire. My name is Belinda Otas and I have issues. Now before you run for your life, I’m dealing with them and the ones I’m yet to get a hold […]


An alarming title for a post but since the world media is expert at creating sensational, alarmist headlines, I would like to indulge with them on this occasion.  After all the Economist, once had a cover declaring, Africa: A Hopeless Continent. Where do I start, let’s see, my beloved Africa would be a good place […]


The term my brother’s keeper has metamorphosed over the years, I’m not sure if I still know the meaning. I would be most grateful if somebody helped me out. Thanks!! The west in my opinion is predominantly an individualistic society but I am always amazed at the level of compassion shown to Africa and other […]


We have come so far but we still have a long way to go. From Nigeria to South Africa to India, three countries with staggering statistics. I would like to believe the day will come, when more people have access to treatment and those already infected will no longer be stigmastised or live in shame. […]


The first time I heard Lisa Shannon speak, it was during an interview on ABC News, presented by Diane Sawyer. I was intrigued by this American woman, who changed her whole life for women across the ocean despite the fact that she didn’t know them by name and was yet to meet a single one […]


In the last few days, I have been consumed by my reading and research into the plight of Congolese women while writing my articles. At some point, I have pondered and wondered, what do I write about which has not been written? What have I got to say that has not been said. In fact, […]


When Michael Vick, the NFL (American Football) player was arrested and tried in the court of law for his role in an illegal dog fighting ‘shenanigans,’ he was also tried by the media and public before he was  sent to jail for his actions. Vick lost everything, I mean, everything that made Michael Vick, Michael […]


You can say what you like, ‘diss’ them all you want and criticise them from Arizona to Alaska but you cannot deny they have got it going on! My world, what a smart lady. They say behind every man is a strong woman, I disagree. Beside every man is a strong woman and Michelle Obama […]


Over the weekend, I heard these words spoken by Dr Pat Francis, a revered humanitarian based in Canada, “Poverty is systemic and it starts with the government. Where Africa is concerned, it started with slavery right up to colonialism.” If you will allow me, I would like to add, today, that systemic poverty is in […]


“Nigeria is fifty, electricity is a mystery, corruption is a priority, crime is prime, water never, security not a priority. What are we celebrating? Please tell me!” – This was the Facebook status of my baby sister, she is 15. Nigeria’s malaise affects all regardless of age. Nigeria is an eventful lady that much we […]


RANT 101: Watching this interview makes me angry. I am one to enthuse about giving people a second chance but every bone in my body says Ibrahim Badamosi Babaginda does not deserve and should not be given a second chance. Nigeria, Nigerians and the world don’t owe him and should not give him one. In […]


This is sickening and once again proves ignorance is truly a disease. A sick mind is dangerous in the hands of a man with no sense of self or respect for humanity.  The mother in me is boiling at the destruction of innocent souls who cannot begin to understand why they are being persecuted. Imagine […]


Though I have a lot to do today. I have been flicking from one news channel to the other, just to see what they are all saying as the world remembers 9/11.  One thing is certain, I am overloaded with information and I have now had enough. It is newsworthy but I am not sure […]