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October 2020
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Thula Sindi is one of South Africa best known young designers.  Sophisticated, elegant, chic, feminine and timeless adequately describe his creations that graciously adorn the female form in all its facets, both young and matured. Not one to sit around and wait for inspiration, Sindi is constantly documenting his sketches and design concepts in what […]


An innovative and influential force, David Tlale has built a brand founded on the traditional and modern aesthetics of fashion, and creating bold designs with memorable elements. An award-winning designer, renowned for being at the cutting edge, Tlale’s designs defy expectations and convention and they epitomise artistry of an infinite level.  He can be described […]


Zekaryas Solomon, Eritrea born and German raised, believes a dress is “never just a dress, but can be worn and styled in limitless ways. From a twisted, wrapped, or flipped look, where each garment becomes unique to the wearer.” As the man behind the brand, he draws inspiration from his Eritrean heritage, re-interpreting traditional costumes […]


Mustafa Hassanali is the man for whom, fashion is a religion. Esteemed as one of Tanzania’s most revered designers, his flamboyant creations are a fusion of the deeply embedded cultural heritage of Tanzanian society with avant-garde, hip and contemporary styles. Known for showcasing four collections each year, he described his 2010, Parfum d’Amour collection as […]


2011 has seen African fashion gain prominence like never before, from Lagos to London to New York, African designers refuse to make a quiet entrance and the world is waking up to their presence. Dolapo Shobanjo is the co-founder of My Asho, a leading online retail outlet for African designs and designers. In our interview, […]


Described as one of the finest designers on the African fashion scene, Beatrice Arthur, of Ghanaian and Russian heritage, is the founder of B’EXOTIO. Known to many as Bee, she has been in the industry for over a decade and keeps pushing the boundaries because for her, fashion is about freedom and that freedom is […]


VLISCO, a Dutch owned company is one of the world’s biggest players when it comes to the production of African prints and its relationship with the African continent goes as far back as the 1900s. Its dazzling textiles are a firm part of West and Central African culture. Just how did a fabric not owned […]


Mayamiko is a UK registered charity but has its roots in Malawi. Founded in 2008, it works to help people lift themselves out of poverty through skills training, education and fair trade practices. One way, Mayamiko achieves its goal is through the charity’s commitment to empowering women. This includes the Mayamiko Cotton project, which supports […]


Jacqueline Shaw is the founder of Africa Fashion Guide. As she gets ready to launch her first book, Fashion Africa, I asked her what ethical fashion was about and the African fashion industry needs to embrace it. Belinda: You are described as an eco-entrepreneur with a big heart for Africa, fashion and international development, and your aim is to push and promote […]


I first read Lovetta Conto’s story on CNN a few months ago. This young lady understands the value of paying it forward. We sure could learn something about turning your pain into a message from her. She has gone from being a refugee to being a ray of light for others. That in my opinion […]


An architect by profession, Dolapo James is no stranger to the world of designs. It started with her obsession of Ankara and other African fabrics. Though it was not a conscious decision to start a company, James is the proud owner of Urbanknit, a company she started over 6 years ago, which  specialises in handmade […]


In recent years, the African fashion industry has experienced a meteoric rise on the international scene. However, that is not an indication it has arrived for there is work to be done. To keep the momentum going is CamerCouture, a UK based Cameroonian fashion showcase with the aim of putting a spotlight on talented African designers […]


A little while back, I got an email from Hazel Aggrey-Orleans, a few lines about her work. I responded with a few lines of my own out of respect.  Hazel’s response to my few raggedy lines got my attention because she was warm and her free spirit came through. I do not consider myself to […]


When I interviewed Bunmi Olaye best known as Bunmi Koko in late 2009, she enthused about her dream to dress celebrities and first ladies. Well, can you believe that less than a year after that interview, her dream came true. Bunmi sent a prospectus featuring her designs, which fuses her African and western heritage to […]


Meet Mary Shittu, entrepreneur, fashion designer, make-up artist and if I am allowed to add, ‘Queen of style.’ Here is a sneak peak into her latest collection and she is rocking it! Enjoy! Mary Shittu’s Jeans Collection, better known as Ma’ Kushi Jeans Images courtesy of Mary Shittu and Max Richardon Designs by Mary Shittu […]