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September 2020
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The Epic Adventure of Nhamo the Manyika Warrior and His Sexy Wife Chipo has been described as “Pure fun” and “A delight from start to finish” by critics. The ultimate African fable, it is storytelling turned on its head from a Zimbabwean sensibility. Produced by Tiata Fahodzi, the leading British-African theatre company in the UK, […]


The biennial Afrovibes 2012 Festival returns for an extensive national tour of the UK, following its 2010’s inaugural debut.  More than just a show, Afrovibes offers an eclectic and thought-provoking programme of performance from South Africa, including theatre, dance, music and the spoken word.  Produced by UK Arts International,  Jan Ryan, its director believes it […]


Baroness Scotland is a woman of many firsts in theUnited Kingdom’s history. her rool call of duty is so impressive that it leaves many in awe: first black female QC; one-time youngest Queens’s counsel when she was only 35; first black female government minister in Tony Blair’s Labour government in 1999; in 2007, she became […]


Ade Solanke’s potent new play, Pandora’s Box is described as a lively and compelling examination of loyalty, love and betrayal that reveals the heartbreak behind the difficult choices some parents must make – and the price their children pay. In her own words, Ade Solanke and why she is into theatre that addresses society and how we […]


A new generation of theatre practitioners are emerging and they are telling stories that cut across the multiple-facets of society in a visceral manner as they take on the themes of multi-culturalism, identity, parenting, relationships and much more through the diaspora point of view and voice, about their heritage as Africans born and raised in Britain, but realise that […]


When Moon on A Rainbow Shawl was staged at the Abrons Art centre, Manhattan, New York in 2007, it was described by Rachel Saltz in the New York Times as ‘a slice of life, a lyrical example of kitchen-sink realism that is always alert to its characters’ complex and conflicting dreams and desires.’ With a […]


Zekaryas Solomon, Eritrea born and German raised, believes a dress is “never just a dress, but can be worn and styled in limitless ways. From a twisted, wrapped, or flipped look, where each garment becomes unique to the wearer.” As the man behind the brand, he draws inspiration from his Eritrean heritage, re-interpreting traditional costumes […]


Numbi promotes all that is gorgeous, funky and fresh in London. A cross-cultural arts platform, it is the place where gifted poets flex their linguistic muscle, talented musicians make you move our feet and cutting-edge filmmakers keep you glued to the screen with their latest films. Numbi is about art, movement, dance, rhythm and it’s […]


Bumi Thomas has such a distinctive sound, I find it hard to compare her to anyone. She is who she is and has grasped what it means to own your voice. I heard her live at an event in late 2011, armed with her guitar and voice, she blew me away. Now take that magnetic […]


Phew!! An interesting few days, where all sorts have crawled out from the woods to flex and prove intellectual prowess and crass. I hope you don’t find that in any way offensive? Personally, I have had some time to think about it and take in other people’s point of view on the matter. While it […]


The recent International World AIDS Day, once again brought the issue of HIV/AIDS to our attention for 24 hours. However, we cannot afford to get complacent and relegate the discussion to a day’s event. I say that because people living with HIV/AIDS don’t live with it for a day. They eat, sleep and wake up […]


FORWARD (Foundation for Women’s Health Research and Development) is an African diaspora women led NGO dedicated to the advancement and safeguarding of the sexual and reproductive health, and rights of African girls and women. Based in the UK, FORWARD works across Europe and Africa to help change practices and policies that affect the dignity and […]


2011 has been momentous year for the Africa.  From Egypt to Tunisia and Libya, a change of guard is reshaping the continent’s political landscape. In the diaspora, a different kind of change is also taking shape as Africans challenge each other about rebuilding the continent from the powers of corridor to economic growth and social […]


As my series of interviews with playwrights, whose work have featured in Tiata Fahodzi’s, African Play Reading Festival comes to an end, I would like to introduce you to Lizzy Dijeh. Born in London, to Nigerian parents, Dijeh has been described as an astute writer, whose plays speak of and to our era. In her own […]


JC Niala, from Kenya is one of the playwrights whose work is being read at the Tiata Fahodzi’s African Play Reading Festival. Her play, The Strong Room explores the subject of relationship and power between the rich and the poor within African societies. In her own words, Niala explains whyAfrica’s strength is her diversity. Belinda: […]


Tiata Fahodzi translates as ‘Theatre of The Emancipated,’ and is considered to be the leading British African theatre company in the UK. Armed with the vision of producing world class theatre which conveys, celebrates and challenges the cultural experiences of Africans, while serving an all-inclusive British audience, the company returns with Tiata Delights. Its annual […]


The Association of Dance of African Diaspora (ADAD) is a national organisation that supports the practice and appreciation of dance of the African Diaspora. ADAD’s vision is to see dance of the African diaspora move from the margins to the mainstream and become a visible and valued part of the British cultural experience. As ADAD […]


“I used to love England, we all did until those dickheads stole our future.” Never has a theatre production been timelier and precise than I’m England by Talawa Young People’s Theatre (TYPT.) It responds to recent events in England better than any psychologist or politician can attempt a reasonable explanation. Devised by young Londoners aged […]