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February 2020
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Hackney Burning: In Pictures

By now, it is only an unborn child that’s not aware London is burning down. Hackney had its share of the looting and destruction yesterday. I dare say these youths were out of their minds. Watching them, it was as if they had been possessed and had lost every control they had over themselves. Something bigger than you, them or myself had taken over their minds and it was hell bent on destroying the community and by all means destroy them because when the police finally catches up with them, if they do find them, their future has a question mark written all over it.

I won’t bore you with words because there is nothing I say now that you may not have heard in the news. However, what I would like to add as reiterated by all –  there is no excuse for the damage on Clarence Road, Hackney or any other part of London. When they have their date with the law, one can only hope they have had enough time to reflect and think of a better way to make a point when they are dissatisfied and disenfranchised with the system. Looting other people’s livelihoods while chanting  ‘we hate the system’ is not the way to do it.

There is no excuse for the destruction and looting but after all the blame, posturing and arguing by those in power, who have lost touch with the products of their policies, reconciliation, rehabilitation and re-integration must take place. If not, come 20 years from now, we will be at it again…and this is just one stand of this complex mess…

Clarence Road, Hackney suffered most of the violence in the borough. A busy road packed with shops was razed down in hours.


The beginning of the end as the carnage starts taking shape. They set bins on Clarence Road on fire.


A car is set on fire on the same road and passers by snap pictures with their phones


More bins on fire, same Clarence Road


The destruction continues on a street off Clarence Road...


Clarence Road starts going up in smoke for real


The world's media looks on


Clarence Road residents look on helplessly


A car on fire...the hooligans were just getting started...


This is the van of an electrician, whose business is also on Clarence Road. They also messed with the gates of his building


Still destroying the van...


More hooligan experts come to show them how to get the destruction right


The rat pack really get into it and start pushing the van to its final destruction stage...


They set the van on fire


Van is now fully on fire...


They start working on another car, one of many cars they burnt on the night



Poor Popo, they looked like helpless chicks


One of the most disturbing images for me...that's a girl in red and she was so active, I was afraid for her...


Went back to the van, which was still burning and other bins on the road also set on fire


This is the dark blue car being destroyed earlier, they pushed it towards the police in a gleeful manner, laughing and fearless. It was utter disregard for the law as they taunted the popos


Clarence Road was at this stage truly up in smoke..a few hours later, you had charred cars all over the place and it looked like Armageddon had taken place




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  1. Long gone says:

    Thanks for the Pics. Glad I immigrated from Hackney/ England years ago. I knew it was just a matter of time.

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