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May 2019
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Cote d’Ivoire: A Lesson in Diplomacy

Cote d’Ivoire and the troubles, which beleaguer this once promising and prosperous nation has been on and off, our screen for months. It is a dance of wolves, vultures and chickens, who don’t know when to give up and call it a day. Laurent Gbagbo’s action have been costly and in my opinion, unforgivable. He has and had no right to hold the nation in hostage. If he disagrees with the results of the election, as I have stated in a previous post, let them go back to the polls and let’s find out, who the legitimate winner is. Gbagbo’s actions to date have been self serving. Power is not a birthright that belongs in the hands of one man. When it comes to the leadership of a nation, it belongs to the people and if the electorate are tired and reject you at the polls, surely that means your time is up!

The events which have unfolded in the last few days, once again reiterate the need for diplomacy and not violence, which is the focus of a forthcoming blog. However, I found this edition of Inside Story, a programme that has devoted a huge amount of air time to the crisis in Cote d’Ivoire, very interesting with the diverse views points of the guest panel.  “Gbabgo would want to offer a political arrangement,” says one of the panelist. A political arrangement that would mean power-sharing, one could safely assume. For months, the AU tried that very strategy to help resolve this crisis but Gbagbo remained strong headed…it is sad when African leaders don’t know when to call it quits! Enough of the power-sharing, which most of the time…is a marraige made in hell.


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