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September 2020
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Paul Kagame On Libya and Ivory Coast

We have seen the likes of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, and President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, criticise The UN Resolution 1973 as regards to Libya and the implementation of the no-fly zone. Let’s call a spade a spade, these two arse-holes have no right to speak considering their record in office. Like Gaddafi, they have held their nations hostage for years and run state affairs like they are running a brothel. I mean no disrespect to Zimbabweans or the citizens of Uganda by taking this stance but African leaders must realise the imperialism ‘victimitis’ syndrome/card will no longer hold the forth when they are called out for their bad leadership.  While I do not deny the double-standard they are complaining of, they too need to check themselves or they may just be next in line to face the wrath of Big Brother, after all, that’s how they like to be treated, so they can cry out and claim to be victims of western ideology and military assault.

If Mugabe and Museveni, were worthy of the crown they have bestowed upon themselves as presidents of the King of Kings African Leaders Club, I would defend their criticism of the UN and the actions in Libya right now. But they are not. Like Gaddafi, they have no regard for their citizens or anyone else and think they are above the law. Mugabe has been in power since Zimbabwe gained Independence and Museveni, since 1986. Surely, they have overstayed their time and like the plum, they support are building an African monarchy worthy of a lame duck status.

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda is a man I have some degree of respect for but at the same time, he has been irritating me recently for various reasons but that’s a topic for another day. However, we can see the visible changes he is making in Rwanda. Nevertheless, that is no excuse for the injustice he has been accused of in the last few years but I would take the risk to sit down and have dialogue with him than I would Gaddafi or Mugabe.  For these two are politically deaf to the cries of their own people that its time to go.

In the video clips below, Kagame, during an edition of BBC Africa Have Your Say, gave his views on the situation in Libya and Ivory Coast. As the man who led the opposition which brought an end to the atrocities of 1994 in Rwanda, I had rather listen to him than I would Mugabe right now. I don’t deny Mugabe’s liberation fight but with his own hands, he has tainted his legacy. Watch and make up your mind as to why you agree or disagree with him.

On Libya

On Ivory Coast


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  1. Nina G says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more!!

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