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August 2020
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Scary Times, Uncertain Times…

The world is spinning in a cyclone of uncertainty. From revolutions to natural disasters to continuous political upheaval. Let me start in Ivory Coast, where the political deadlock continues and there is no solution in sight! It is hard to take sides the more I learn about Laurent Gbagbo. I am not saying Alassane Ouattara, was not robbed but the meddling by France and the UN is making it hard to take a stance from a personal point of view. So, this is where I say, France needs to mind its own business. Ivory Coast is no longer a colonial nation and France needs to recognise and respect its sovereignty.  I am shocked to learn Quattara is not an Ivorian if that is what Gbagbo representatives is implying/claiming. Nevertheless, the people of Ivory Coast should have the final say in this matter, let them go back to the polls. It may be costly but the current situation is even more costly, especially if the country is tethering on the brink of a civil war by the continuous violence. If there is salient point to take from this, Africa and African nations need to get out of the victim mentality. I am dead against imperialism of any sort but being a victim will not cut it anymore. It is time to sort ourselves out. It is time for Ivory Coast to fix up and France needs to realise a mutual relationship of respect, partnership and investments is most welcome.

Next, Japan, which has suffered its worst natural disaster since the Second World War. An earthquake, tsunami and now a nuclear crisis is most certainly a deadly combination. How do they navigate their way out of this murky ground? A hard reality to comprehend because Japan, for a very long time was the world’s second largest economy before it was overtaken by China a few weeks back. In this time of national grief, the world is still in need of Japanese technological products. If anything has pained me, it is the suggestion that God is punishing the Japanese and all the insensitive comments, post and tweets by stars and ordinary people. Advice, a little sensitivity goes a long way. This could have happened anywhere in the world. It is unfortunate that it happened in Japan and to the Japanese.  But this much I am certain of, the Japanese rebuilt their nation after WWII, I have no doubt that same resilience will serve them well once again. However, I would strongly suggest they reconsider their dependence on nuclear energy because never again, should we witness another Chernobyl disaster.

At the same time, this should be a good reason for other nations of the world which depend heavily on nuclear energy to think about ways of making it safer and protecting citizens who live close to areas where nuclear plants are based. We can debate this subject for as long as we like and try to prove who is right and who is wrong but human safety must always take priority over being the nuclear leader on the world stage. It is not your ability to lead based on the strength and size of your nuclear arsenal/weapon/energy that matters. It is your ability to ensure your citizens are safe, well protected and best served that maters. Yes, nations must meet the ever increasing demand for energy as the population grows but at what cost?

Scary times, uncertain times, when will it all end or is it going to be this way from henceforth? I look at Libya and I am nervous. Nervous for ordinary people who are simply demanding their right to be free from a political dynasty but the mannequin looking leader of that monarchy will not heed their call and is hell bent on ensuring the cleansing of his own people.


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