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September 2020
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Africa: Law, Environment & Empowerment

In an interview with the New African, Tony Blair, former British PM, said Africa’s future is in African hands. Without a doubt, he is on point because if it is going to be, it is down to us. We must and need to get out of that spoon-feeding mentality.

Law: Let’s start with our legal structures which in some African countries does not exist. With a defined legal structure and rule of law, we stand to attract foreign investments, a peaceful society and create a platform for accountability and responsibility as long as no one is above the law.

Environment: We need to pay attention to our environment and start thinking about innovative ways to ensure we are not left wanting, especially when it comes to our agricultural wellbeing as a continent. People need to live, eat and maintain a healthy source of income, which Lake Chad over the years has served that particular purpose. However, if the lake keeps receding, that’s possible? The sooner we find a solution to this challenge, the better it will be for us all.

Empowerment: I am a huge proponent of empowering women and though this CNN report has been making the rounds on the web, there is no harm sharing it one more time. I love the heart and reasoning behind this project. A woman’s worth is not tied to her geographical location or her financial status. When she has a vision and the means of making that vision come to life, there is no stopping her and what she can achieve.  Women’s contribution to society can only lead to growth and development. If being a stay-at-home mum is your dream, give it all you got. If being a career women is your goal, go for it. Whatever you desire and aspire to be, do and become, it is possible! This is why we must support initiatives like the Lady Mechanic programmes and empower other women to stand up for themselves and add quality to our communities.


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