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July 2020
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Libya: Like Father Like Son

Libya is on fire and the national state television was showing an opera of Muammar Gaddafi’s life. As unbelievable as that may sound, it is the reality on the ground.  If that was not bad enough, how about his son, who proved to be just like his father. It has been very interesting to watch the role Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, who I thought was different to his father considering that in recent years he has been viewed as taking a different path as this political thunderstorm unfolds.  It was a shameful display of fear during his pathetic television broadcast or should that be rant though on a milder level to his father. I tried to imagine the disappointment of Libyan youths, who news commentators say viewed him as someone who was on their side and open to reforms. Talk about flushing your credibility down the drain.

Now, that does not beat the 75 minutes rant from Colonel Gaddffi, who promised to hunt down protesters, house to house and used vile words to describe his own people, and said the youths were drug induced. If anyone has lost the plot, surely it is Gaddaffi. How about sending mercenaries to help him cling to power, a desperate move but costly to those at the receiving end of their terror. While I agree wholeheartedly that this revolution belongs to the people of Libya, it has also demonstrated once more the ability of the western nations, who have been dealing with him since his days of becoming a reformed tyrant compared to when he was a western pariah. It is no wonder their hands are tied and they are lost about the best action to take. I don’t think diplomacy works where Gaddfi is concerned. So, let them use all options being considered like the US Sectary of State, Hilary Clinton said before it is too late. There is humanitarian disaster looming based on his threats of cleansing his own people. A leader, who has no problems killing is not a leader. He belongs to the barracks where he can be sent to war, so he can put his misguided anger to good use on the battle field.


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