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February 2020
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Ghana’s Oil Is A Blessing!

The news media has been filled with reports of Ghana becoming the newest oil producing nation. What I find baffling is the silly talk of the nation’s oil being a curse or a blessing. I would like to remind the world that Ghana is not Nigeria. Yes they are neighbouring countries but can we take into account that they different to each other, they do not shame the same DNA or Dynamics like twins bound by an umbilical cord. I do not deny there are similarities but why the question of the nation’s oil being a curse on the first day of business? Ghanaians are not Nigerians and while it is a real shame the challenges the Niger Delta and government of Nigeria has had over the years, that is no blue print it will be the same issue in Ghana. Yes, there are great expectations from the citizens of Ghana, that oil will bring them good tidings, I hope so too because with good management, that is a strong possibility. I am not naive enough to think it will be smooth sailing all the way, after all, this is new and mistakes will be made but lessons will learnt. So, can we get over the curse and focus on the blessing.

Let’s focus on the power of Ghana’s oil wealth to transform it into a thriving economy and nation…

How will this help the economy? Well, let a Ghanaian educate you on that….

I would like to believe this is the beginning of great things for the nation and its citizens. Please, all talks of militants should be put on hold. Thank you!


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