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April 2020
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Michael Vick: You Best Make This Thing Work

When Michael Vick, the NFL (American Football) player was arrested and tried in the court of law for his role in an illegal dog fighting ‘shenanigans,’ he was also tried by the media and public before he was  sent to jail for his actions. Vick lost everything, I mean, everything that made Michael Vick, Michael Vick was gone. He was in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. I have never seen such hate vented at one man. At some point, I wondered if there was more to the hate he was getting but that is for another day…His career was written off and no one talked about giving him a second chance.

In fact, when I first heard and read his story before I got the full picture, I thought he had committed murder. Don’t get me wrong, I am no apologist for Michael Vick and if anyone knows what he did was wrong, Michael Vick understands he was wrong but I have a  lot of respect for the man. It takes a man to fall that far down and deep into life’s pit, yet turn it around and tell his critics, suck on this!

It is interesting to know how people are treated when they are down. His case reminds me of Chris Brown and I am going to tell it like it. In the “Black” I mean quote on quote, “Black” community, sometimes, we don’t know how to rehabilitate ‘our own.’  Yes, ‘our own’ because when they are doing well, we claim them but the minute they make a mistake, we distance ourselves. There I said it. If you don’t like it…tough!!! When the whole Chris Brown and Rihanna saga was unfolding, we made a scapegoat of a young man who made a terrible mistake and yes, he deserved to be told off but we forgot that he must be given a chance to learn and turn his actions around. Instead, we turned on him like a pack of wolves. Domestic violence must never be condoled or accepted and when you are in the public view, you do your very best to set a good example. I hope the young man has learnt his lesson because the next time he tries that crap, he is on his own. I am no apologist for Chris Brown either and domestic violence is a no, no in my book…it is dangerous and women have lost their lives to it. We must never accept it

What I didn’t get and still don’t understand was the fact that we thought it was our responsibility to take his career from him and curse him out…fair enough, that comes with the package and he had it coming. However, please explain to me, why Charlie Sheen was in a similar situation, yet he had the number television show in America or is there a different set of rules for people like Mr Sheen? Hey, I’m just saying…we need to learn how let people know that yes, what you did was wrong but when we are done telling them off, give them room to learn and grow and make a change. Don’t kill or write them off with your bad mouth, using their misery to raise your profile by going on every TV/radio show for the purpose of ratings!! I understand it takes the actions of someone in the public eye to bring more awareness to a bad situation but when you take it to the point of killing his dream, you missed the point and crossed the line.

Give me a Michael Vick, who does not give up and I will take him anytime of the day because I know I can work with him

Keep doing your thing on the field and off the field, let those young men, you have been talking to, know they too can turn their lives around. Michael Vick, don’t you dare mess up. I will personally come after you. I mean it and my anger is as fierce as my laughter is loud. Don’t mess up!


3 Responses to “Michael Vick: You Best Make This Thing Work”

  1. I understand you perfectly. Do you remember the film director (?) who was pardoned for sexual assault? I think this issue is deep and I get embarrassed when people rejoice over other’s downfall. It’s as if we are all Sadists.

  2. Belinda Otas says:

    You can say that again Nana. It seems one rule applies to some and not others…I remember the film director very well 🙂

  3. Belinda Otas says:

    I sure know the film director you are talking about 🙂 ‘Ain’t’ that just something…one rules applies to some and not others…

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