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August 2020
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We can hear the sounds and pandemonium of a car accident, police sirens, ambulances and paramedics working on someone who is unconscious. The voice of a man gives the paramedics, the name of the accident victim. She is his wife, tells them her age and that she has a medical condition.  She is also on anti-depressants. The police want to talk to him and find out caused the accident. For now, he has to ride with her to the hospital. The next scene we see is when she comes back home for the first time in three months.

(A three bedroom Maisonette in East London, the living room is furnished with two settees, a television stand with the a VCR and DVD player. Enters Peter, he wheels his wife Zoe into their living room after a three–months stay in hospital. She is paralysed from the waist down and has to depend on Peter for everything)

PETER: (Looking nervous as he wheels her in) Easy lady, easy does it. You want to watch your leg, no accidents on your first day back.

ZOE: You are more than capable to do that.

PETER: (His smile is gone) You know what I mean. Just be careful and don’t try to do too much. I’m here to help

ZOE: Oh well, you have always wanted that, haven’t you? Be the man around the house, so everyone can say what a great man you are. Peter this, Peter that, well, you got your wish.

PETER: (Ignores her sarcasm) Let’s get you settled in.

ZOE: Oh yes, please get me settled in, like a new born baby.

PETER: Well I’m glad your sense of humour is still alive.

ZOE: So, you wanted me dead after all.

PETER: Don’t put words in my mouth.

ZOE: Come on honey, I can tell call you that, can’t I? I’m still your wife. Tell the truth and let’s make a liar of me. You would have been happy if I had died?

PETER: (Irritated) Don’t be stupid.

ZOE: Just tell the truth dammit, you wish I was dead and you were out of your misery don’t you?

PETER: I don’t have the strength for this.

ZOE: You haven’t had the strength for a whole lot of things in the last few years of this marriage now.

PETER: Zoe, let’s get you in a comfortable position.

ZOE: (Lifting her hands) So, you still know there is such a word as position. I wish you knew that when my down below was working and on fire (Laughing)

PETER: Not now Zoe, please not now. (Rasing his voice)

ZOE: When will there ever be a good time to talk about our lives Peter? Come on, talk to me. Pour me a drink sweetie. I’m thirsty.

PETER: (Goes to the fridge to get some juice) Here we go.

ZOE: (Now I should be having juice) Please don’t be silly, I would like a G&T.

PETER: I don’t think that is such a good idea

ZOE: Who cares what you think. Just pour me a lousy G&T or I can always get it by myself.

PETER: (Looking at his wife and trying to tidy up the living room)

ZOE: (Laughing) I forgot, I can’t walk, thanks to my husband. Please, get me a G&T or would you like the neighbours to know we are back.

PETER: For today only, you can have it but I will not be part of this. (Going to the drinks cabinet)

Zoe: Well, you have never been part of anything have you Peter? Come on now tell them you are my Mr Noodles. Come on sweetheart, tell them how fragile you are. (Laughing)

(The Door bell rings, PETER goes to the door)

End of Act 1 Scene 1

What do you think Peter should do about the way his wife treats him?

Please, leave your comments below. Cheers!!!


8 Responses to “BLAME GAME (A Play)”

  1. Jibo! says:

    Well, at this point in the game, i would file for a divorce or a restraining order

  2. Belinda Otas says:

    Why would you file for a divorce?

  3. Jibo! says:

    well,, could anyone be more nasty in those kind of situation?

  4. Belinda Otas says:

    Who is nasty and why do you say they are nasty.

  5. Jibo! says:

    ok, isn’t it expected that the lady be appreciative that she’s got a hubby who is willing to take care of her notwithstanding the current dilemma …instead she’s frustrating the life out of the man

  6. Belinda Otas says:

    Yes, she should be but you know what human beings are like? He seems to be taking it…let’s see how it rolls out? Apart from divorce, what else would you do to her?

  7. Ogochukwu says:

    Ok…i think we need to know the history of this couple…i mean there has to be a reason for all this bitterness. Maybe you could do a flashback for us or something.

    Peter looks like he’s taking it all in…but seems he might burst soon. I feel its best if he ignores her….the reason she has things to say is becos he’s obliging her.

    We’re waiting for the next scene. Well done!

  8. Belinda Otas says:

    Thanks Ogochukwu for your kind words and critical comment but my playwriting lecturer told me flashbacks are a lazy technique to use, so we have to find another way to get the history out but I am sure we will.
    Thanks once again and for the email

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