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January 2020
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The day I wrote this, I was talking to myself. Yes, I do talk to myself and call myself to action. You should try it, the best form of therapy you could ever have in my humble opinion.

My inner child feels

Beaten, bruised and battered

She talk to me

She say, Miss, me tired and weary

What to do

Me no know

Miss, me worried and stressed out

Me no strength to go on

I say, child, hold on

Change gon’ come

She say, Miss, you keep saying

Change gon’ come

But me mind tired and it travel far and long

One thousand thoughts a minute

None make sense

But leave me afraid

I say child,

Rest your mind

She say Miss, rest me mind?

Me can’t rest me mind

Me mind active and thoughts flowing

But me body dragging along

Saying, I’m tired

Tired becoz me no know what to do

I say child,

Hold on love gon’ see us through

She say Miss, love is what you always say

Will see us through

I say child,

That’s all I know and that’s all He has given me

She say who?

I say love himself gave me love

She say Miss,

You know love, you trust love

I know you, I trust you

So I’ll trust your love

© 2005 Belinda Otas


2 Responses to “Conversations”

  1. Leiney says:

    Oh I do like this poem, it’s the voice, the way your inner child speaks, she sounds just like a real child asking a million qestions that may come across as annoying but actually matter. I like the grown up too, so patient so wise.
    Love it.

  2. Belinda Otas says:

    Thanks Leine, it is encouraging to know you get it and see it this way. I will write some more then. lol!!

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