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July 2019
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Is Shell Responsible For The Lack Of Development In The Niger Delta?

Shell has been at the heart of Nigeria’s oil for decades. They have committed atrocities beyond reason, actions they would never take in America or their country of origin. However, the responsibility of development in the Niger Delta region is strictly in the hands of the Nigerian government. If they carry out their responsibility like they should, Shell would be a company that does its job, pays its dues and obeys the rules like they do in other nations where they drill oil.

Where has Nigeria’s oil money been spent?


2 Responses to “Is Shell Responsible For The Lack Of Development In The Niger Delta?”

  1. Femi Ojo says:

    In as much as I partially agree with your opinion on this issue, looking at the present state of Niger Delta people, it will be insufficient to use a bi-opinion analysis i.e. the shell and the Nigerian government, the present degeneration of almost all aspects of Niger Delta region is a combination of many conspiratorism. For instance, the oil multinationals that oppress the people, the Nigerian government’s uncaring attitude before now, the greediness of the local elites( local elites here include the community leaders, traditional chiefs, opinion leaders, the local government executives plus the state governments) they all play conspiratory roles in the degeneration of this region. I once presented a seminar paper on this topic using a structural functionalism approach. cheers!

  2. Belinda Otas says:

    They say, when a home is in order, it is hard for an outsider to come and mess it up unless the homeowner or one person from the home gives them access…every arm you mentioned is in one way or another linked to the Nigerian govt…so together, they should speak up for the people…look at what happened in America, if that was Nigeria, do you think BP will quake like they did??

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