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October 2020
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Ibrahim Babangida: You Are Not Nigeria’s Joseph and You Don’t Deserve A Second Chance!

RANT 101: Watching this interview makes me angry. I am one to enthuse about giving people a second chance but every bone in my body says Ibrahim Badamosi Babaginda does not deserve and should not be given a second chance. Nigeria, Nigerians and the world don’t owe him and should not give him one. In fact, he owes Nigeria.  Yes, the International Thief, Thief, Thief owes Nigeria and Nigerians! So, why don’t you just save all of us the time and energy, and crawl back into your hole, sorry, I meant the mansion or should that be mansions you built with the nation’s money. You sorry arse excuse for a leader.

That you now wear an ‘agbada’ with an ‘aboki’ hat, does not mean your heart has changed. How in the hell can you sit there and say you had to annul the best election in the nation’s history, you punk! You annulled the fairest elections ever, gave room to the devil aka Abacha to run the country into the ground, like he was running his father’s farmyard. And you sit there, claiming you did what was right for the country, ha! IBB, I have heard of verbal gonorrhea but you take its meaning to a whole new level. Telling Nigerians that annulling the elections was wrong is not enough. Stay out of politics and stop gambling with their lives. It is not your god-given right to be in our lives or lead us to the promise land. You are not Nigeria’s Joseph, (Biko!) you are more like Herold the Menace.

You may dribble your way out of answering the question about apologising to Nigerians but you are right, when you say the nation needs to move on from June 12. In order to to move on, we need you out of the way and I mean, the Malcolm X style and approach, by any means necessary, you need to be out of the way. I hope our votes make that clear come January 2011. Though I must add that it saddens me to see anyone supporting you at all, let alone paint themselves silly to show they love you. But hey, we all have a right to do as we please!

I never thought a day would come when I would agree with you on anything or that you were smart enough to agree with some universal truths but you are also right when you say, every Nigerian should aspire to be the president of the country, if they have something to offer. However, we both know that too is a lie. Not every Nigerian, who aspires to be president,  regardless of the fact that they may have the skills for the job becomes president. Reason being, power has always been in the hands of a few rogues, who train other rogues to continue their work when they are no longer sitting on the throne.  The presidency of the nation has been turned into a political chieftaincy that you rotate among yourselves like a polygamous man, who keeps a rota of his wives and the days he sleeps with A, B or C.

And HELL NO, you did not give your life. If you gave your life, you would be 6 feet under like a few others. Ken Saro-Wiwa gave his life. Dele Giwa gave his life. Even Moshood Abiola gave his life. So did many of your victims  and numerous Nigerians who have died an unnecessary death. All you do Mr,  is carry a bullet about and there are many gangsters who do the same. It does not make you a bloody hero!

Maybe, in your own little way, you are a nice man and those who know you can vouch for you. But the memories of you, which history carries is bitter and sour. If you were as smart as you claim and maybe, just maybe you are indeed smart, you would respect and honour yourself by resigning to a quiet life. That much you owe Nigeria! She does not owe you or belong to you. She is not your wife and does not want to sleep with you anymore. The affair is over! Shikina!!


4 Responses to “Ibrahim Babangida: You Are Not Nigeria’s Joseph and You Don’t Deserve A Second Chance!”

  1. Femi Ojo says:

    Great article, very extremely raw on the gentleman old dictator but with a caveat, he did some goods too even though amongst these leviathian of destructive democratics basterdization. I can see u do not in anyway like this man like some other Nigerians. Cheers!

  2. Belinda Otas says:

    @ Femi, Yes, he did some good things but the bad outweighs the good and no leader is perfect but in the case of Nigerian dictators and military leaders, who come back as civilian presidents, I am appalled and sickened to my stomach that we allow them come back and do same old, same old. We gave Obasanjo a chance and what did we get? Yes, he too did some good but we cannot say because they did some good, that makes it okay. To be honest, I don’t hate Babaginda. I idolised him as a child, I even preferred him to Abacha until I got sick and realised Nigeria does not have the medical facilities to look after people and I was at death’s door. It is painful to know your country could be and has the potential to be a global leader, yet its citizens are fighting for asylum in western nations, taking on cleaning jobs and every god forsaken task to make a few pounds and dollars in order to take care of their families. I’m not one to insult people as I truly believe in giving honour to whom honour is due but we must stop allowing the same old rhetoric in our political life or we may well kiss our future goodbye?

    What’s his Agenda? If it works, i will write a post to sing his praises and give him the very honour I had for him as child.

  3. Femi Ojo says:

    Belinda, I can see you are politically conscious and u mean well for this country, I love you historical exploration of the part which this gap-toothed general has played in our nationhood. Keep the dream alive…1thumb needs a fellow like you. u can check us out will like to get in touch with u beyond this platform to see how we can make use of your creative potentials to preach good governance to Nigerian youths through credible elections come 2011. Cheers!

  4. Belinda Otas says:

    Thanks Femi. Checked out your website, interesting work.

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