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August 2020
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The Dangers Of A Sick Mind

This is sickening and once again proves ignorance is truly a disease. A sick mind is dangerous in the hands of a man with no sense of self or respect for humanity.  The mother in me is boiling at the destruction of innocent souls who cannot begin to understand why they are being persecuted.

Imagine these young souls being branded witches at such a young age, what does the future hold for them? I must add, the Nigerian official should be sacked and never allowed to hold public office. The plum has no idea what’s going on in his own backyard let alone what childcare involves.

My spirit cries and my soul bleeds for these young children. This is ungodly as far as I am concerned and its a low down dirty shame. If anyone tells you to pay a fee to in order to get delivered, then you ought to run for your life.

A child with disability being branded a witch, that is sad but a story I have heard so many times and experienced with my own eyes.


One Response to “The Dangers Of A Sick Mind”

  1. Nana says:

    After watching the Channel 4 documentary and the follow up to the program, I was appalled by what a human being could do. It was a huge slap in the face and if I didn’t know any better, I’d call them all inhuman; killing, mutilating and banishing children from their own homes and communities.

    I questioned their capacity to think up and to do evil to some of the most innocent and vulnerable groups in society. But I am glad that so many of us are opposed to the backward thinking and sadistic actions taken by some of the villagers in the documentary and many of us are taking some action.

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