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August 2020
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There Will Always Be Another Door

I saw this story on CNN two days ago and it brought tears to my eyes.  It simply shows the power of a big heart and the difference one phone call makes. It would be silly of me to tell you the story of Sibahle Tshibika all over. Its all in the video, watch it and ask yourself, whose life have you changed recently? Goes to show, in life, one door closes, another opens. Forget how cliched that sounds but when you think about it, it is so true. Remember that job you wanted so badly but didn’t get? Remember that friendship you treasured so much, yet it fizzled out like gas and you could not quite place your finger on what went wrong or how it all went downhill? Remember that guy or lady you liked so much and thought he or she was the be all and end all of what a man or woman is about? Yet they didn’t even notice you or asked for your number? And if they did ask for your number, didn’t like you that way and never had the guts to tell you, so they said, ‘I like you as a friend.’ Remember the dress you wanted so badly but didn’t have the money to pay for it? Above, remember the dream you have carried for so long? Yet, you have not been able to live or fulfill it because the means to do has never been at your disposal or you have not had the chance/opportunity? I am sure there are a million and ten things you have always wanted to do…well, there will always be other doors. Just don’t give up before it opens up to you. And while we are at it, stop making excuses also, get off your ass and start making things happen! If anyone needed to hear Sibahle Tshibika’s story, it was me. So I hope you too can find something in this for yourself. Enjoy!!!


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