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October 2019
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Crossing Over Into A New Decade


Its Your Life, Your Diary, Plan Your Time

Well, can you believe it? We are hours away from entering a decade. I think we should take a step back and give ourselves a pat on the back for the last decade. I know many people didn’t make it through with us but we are still here and so, we should be grateful for the gift of life. The decade that’s about to end is one I can say really changed my life. My world, my life changed with one phone call on the morning of January 27 2002. I’ll tell you more about that phone call soon but for now, it’s all about crossing over.

The prediction was that we would not make it past 2000 because of a certain bug called ‘Millennium bug’ but we came through and we kicked that sucker to the curb. A lot of things happened in the last decade, for me, my life changed dramatically with one phone call but the world changed when September 11 2001 happened and we all asked why? How can men be so wicked and kill their fellow human beings? A day forever etched in our memories. It was a day that has made nations so distrustful of each other, people are the same and even more sceptical about religion and its motives. I don’t blame them. I can understand why, who wouldn’t be sceptical or suspicious after such atrocities are committed against people? You go to the airport, you feel like a thief being stripped searched for the goods he or she stole. You dare not leave your bag anywhere these days or you run the risk of losing it and your belongings or being labelled an ‘alleged terrorist.’ The joke has gone way too far and I think it’s time, the evil men of this world are found and an end put to their evil minds. How do we do that? I’ll leave that to the services known as CIA, FBI, M15 and M16.

As for me, I pray to remain good and keep my good heart. I pray I’m of great help and use to the world I live in and those around me. I have a lot of dreams like I’m sure we all do. So, let’s work towards them. If you are yet to write your goals for 2010 or the next decade, all is not lost. Take your pen and paper and get writing. Set goals that you know you can achieve and work towards them one day at a time.

One of my goals for 2010 is to finally kick that sucker known as ‘Approval Addiction.’ We are all addicted to other people’s opinions one way or another or have been in the past. The day I admitted it to myself was the day I won the battle and for the last five years, I have been through my own death and burial in that department of life. 2009 is the year; I can truly say I didn’t and don’t give a toss anymore. Not out of arrogance but because I know I can’t please the world and cannot be everything to everybody. And I’m so happy about it and aim to continue in 2010. I refuse to be blown or moved about like leaves dropping from a tree because A said sh*t.

2009 has been one of the hardest for me in this last decade. I mean, apart from being on the verge of getting sent back to Nigeria a few years back because some joker at The Home Office was in a bad mood, it has been one year where I was smiling on the outside but dying on the inside at the same time. Things I didn’t expect happened. Relationships and friendships changed and some actually ended. Painful sh*t but I got through it. I also met good people in 2009 and for that I’m grateful. I made a number of mistakes but hell, they will not be happening in 2010. 2009, was the year that started with so much promise but is ending with tears not because I’m sad but because I am grateful I have another chance to get it right.

So, in 2010, live everyday like it’s your last and say what you need to say, in and with love. Help those around you when you can, go out of your way to make someone comfortable. Smile even when you are dying within – it helps to relieve the stress. I know I need to smile some more.  But above all, live your life. Live your life, for you are the most important person in your life and if you don’t take care of you, no one will. I know there is the 10 per cent you must never give away but I double dare you to make that 100 per cent. Fall in love with yourself and I mean, deeply, madly, truly and hopelessly in love with yourself. Make it all about you and when you are okay in yourself, your light will radiate and spread out like fire to those around you.

In 2010, tell it like it is when you need to without ever apologising for your thoughts or words but before you open your mouth, send that  email or text or even leave that voicemail, think. Think because once those words are out, you can’t take them back. In 2010, get on with the business of living and loving. Get on with your dreams and purpose. You don’t have time to waste. You can waste money but not time. It is precious and cannot be replaced  but money can be replaced.

So, here is to a great 2010 and I hope you dance all the way and in joy because I will!


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