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September 2020
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The UK Is On Its Way To Becoming The Joke of Europe.

houseGordon Brown’s resignation speech was graceful, sad and moving but I stand to say, the UK is on its way to becoming the joke of Europe. The Conservatives have signed over the lives if millions to The Times and the Murdoch clan, wait and see hell unleash like never before. With job cuts and other public spending being reduced, in addition to to the fact that the UK, could see another recession, I cannot wait for David Cameron to start enjoying his throne and really experience the anger of millions.

Gordon Brown may not have charisma and the charm of Obama but he sure is an intelligent man and technically, in my humble opinion, the right person to lead the UK out of the current economic crisis. How can a man who already sold the soul of the nation to the very people in the City who caused the economic crisis be trusted to save us from doom and gloom. I mean, Cameron must have sold them something for over 20 City bosses to support him just before the election. I knew the UK was in trouble when the The Times endorsed the Conservatives and I understand Sky News happily placed the lady who asked Gordon Brown the immigration question. You have to love the media and politics in this country because if you get upset at the things they do, you will develop high blood pressure and die before your time. If there is such a thing as economic anti-christ, Cameron and Clegg could well fulfill prophecy. Europe is about to have fun at the expense of Great Britain, the small Island that conquered the world is about to be conquered and I mean in a fine way that even its comedians cannot comprehend, while we, the citizens who always pick up their mess, sit back and watch.

I would like to say that Nick Clegg is a sell-out, what happened to your immigration amnesty. A ha! You thought that would get you votes, this is why I say you are all liars, promise so much to get us as voters all wet and ready to give you the goods, only to get in bed, and find out you are cold turkey and the weapon barely stands up to the occasion. I would also like to add, what an arse the British media is, they killed Gordon Brown off with their mean-spirited reporting and seconds after he is gone, they are singing his praises, talk about bloody hypocrites.

If you have been keeping tabs on the political saga unfolding in the UK, I guess you are pretty tired of the ‘hulabulala’ that comes with it. I am not sure as to which one I prefer, the cliffhanger in a movie or the one being played in politics, where millions of lives are involved? If someone had told me that in my lifetime, the UK parliament would be in a state of utter chaos and not know who the leader of the nation is or who owns the right to occupy No 10 Downing Street, for almost a week, I would have said, hell to the NO. But that was the case and we had to sit back and watch Nick Clegg bed-hopping from Conservatives to Labour and then back to Conservatives.  I bet you, Nick Clegg has not been this popular since he admitted the number of women he has slept with (Which I think he said was a lot though he gave no exact number) in an interview with Piers Morgan for  GQ magazine, a few years back. The dude, gotta hand it to him, he knows how to hug the limelight, though I am not sure about his bed-hopping skills. Surely, he must know that getting in bed with the Conservatives means you need major protection, the most durable type that can go the whole nine yards to avoid any spill if the rubber comes apart, that way, you can avoid political gonorrhea.

A friend of mine had this has her Facebook status, “It was really cold and nasty today – now I know why. Cameron is the new PM” I believe that says what a lot of people feel about David Cameron. I never trusted him during the campaign and still don’t. Now David in the bible killed a bear and I believe, a lion with his bare hands. This David is going to make a lot of people jobless and reduce the UK to its knees very soon. My only hope is that we do not go back to the Thatcher years of the Conservative party and its draconian attitude towards the ethnic minorities of Britain. Labour may not have managed to solve all the race issues in the UK, at least they made new equality laws in the 12/13 years they were in power, in comparison to none from the Conservatives during the Thatcher/Major years, which I believe was over 15 years,

Moving away from that, Nick Clegg is the new Deputy PM, the boy sure knows how to bed-hop and move up, he has got skills. I say good luck to him. I do wonder about the amount of power he has to do anything? What happens if he wants to implement something the Conservatives do not agree with it? This coalition has challenges written all over it, one can only hope it works and not send the UK into a spiral of power deficiency in the next few months or years.  I understand they have agreed on a five-years parliamentary term, if they achieve this in the first year, we must applaud them.

If we are honest, technically, David Cameron did not get the votes that would seal his throne as Prime Minister either. Hence, he negotiated his way to become Prime Minster. Do I then say, his days too are numbered and just like Brown, he will soon be on his way out. Brown was not my favourite person when he sent Tony Blair packing, I guess, what goes around comes around but I am of the opinion, he was the right man to get the UK out of this economic mess. He may not be vivacious in personality and bubbly but he knows his job.

Cameron talks about loving the country and making difficult decisions, I wonder what those difficult decisions are?  He was so desperate to get into Number 10  and as soon as he heard the Liberal democrats were showing their thighs to Labour, he said, wait a minute okay, if this is what you want, we will give. Talk about desperation for power. William Hague did his public announcement for him…oh well, we do have to live with this for the next five years and let’s hope it works because I cannot put up with another day let alone one week of political madness in this country.

I do have to say, there is humour in misery, I mean, a few people have talked about getting their passports and leaving the country, now that the Liberal Democrats have agreed on an immigration cap with the Tories. Even those who are legal are worried. Another mutual Facebook friend wrote, “Now that the Tories are in, I better start packing my bags seriously because you never know what can happen next. They might just start getting rid of us Blacks born here regardless of a Red passport or not. Naija here I might be coming abi,” okay, she is Nigerian and legal but you cannot blame the lady.

So, join me in congratulating the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition; let’s welcome, Prime Minister, David Cameron and let the party begin. I sure will enjoy observing your mistakes and successes, but I think what I will enjoy the most is when the very media, the City bosses, Rupert Murdoch and his media spinning house, turn on you. Isn’t that the game of politics???

It sure will be a blast and my Nigerian passport is also out 🙂

Image: UK Parliament on Flickr


4 Responses to “The UK Is On Its Way To Becoming The Joke of Europe.”

  1. Spot on!

    How disappointing that the majority of the UK voted for a right-wing, immigrant unfriendly party. These are the same people who snubbed at W Bush as though they were more fwd thinking. It’s all quite hypocritical!

    As you pointed out, we just wait and see…

  2. Hans Schippers says:

    Even though, for most social-democrats in Europe, I consider “social” to be rather far from their actions, I hate to see yet another country make a swing to the right and go for conservative (neo-)liberalism 🙁

    As to whether the UK would be the laughing stock of Europe bc it’s now got a coalition government and was without leadership for about a week, it’s got a long way to go before even coming close to Belgium:

    it’s got no less than 6 simultaneous governments (a federal one, 3 for the communities and 3 for the regions, where Flanders combines its regional and communal one), all of which are coalitions of up to 6 different parties.
    Last federal elections, it took up to 190 days (!) to form a government and come up with a prime minister. Needless to say this government has since fallen 3 times, so now it’s back to elections on June 13th. We call it the political circus 🙂

  3. Belinda Otas says:

    @ Ms Afropolitan, you tell them…snubbed at Bush and Bush, at least, Bush smiled at them and was friendly to them and called them to the table to go to war…not that i say war is good but trying my sense of humour, so see if its getting better….

  4. Belinda Otas says:

    @ Hans, well, that is a big joke but when I say the UK is on its way to becoming a joke, i do not mean just because of the coalition govt…I mean all around, things will go up in smoke before the dust settles for sure and that is what i am looking forward to…the arse burning…they may well have to join the Euro, you never know, then that would be the joke of the year 🙂
    I truly should get my green passport out…

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