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October 2019
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Wackos On The WWB: If You Are Neither The Problem Nor The Solution, Keep Your Mouth Shut

I have often been to websites where people leave comments that left me baffled. I wondered the eyes and ears with which they read what they were commenting on. I guess you just have people who claim to be exceptionally open minded, yet, their minds are so closed and they are blind in every sense of the word.

Sometimes, you read comments on the internet and you do have to ask, what planet is this person on and what did they have for breakfast, launch and dinner? That is if they had any at all.

What I find interesting is that the comment/comments/points they are making are way off track and in no way relevant to the post or feature.

Recently, I have had my own fare share with the following comments… on my review/thoughts of the BBC Documentary, Welcome To Lagos. The same post that other people commented on with their points of view which was as valid as mine. I do not count the comments below to be valid because the individuals who left them have no regard or respect for other people’s opinion and the fact that we live in a ‘supposedly’ free world and can say what we need to say without disregard for the other party. Maybe my mother taught me wrong but that’s the way I see it.

The first comment was…

“Dear Belinda Otas, seems to me like you wanted this documentary to focus on rich people or something. Nigeria is a corrupt nation where the rich simply wish the poor will go away or we can just pretend they don’t exist. I thank the BBC for showing how some of our Brothers and sisters really live. It is up to us to build our destiny and correct several injustices in society. This documentary was not negative as you made it out to be…this documentary was to show proof that there are hardworking Nigerians who can barely afford the necessities in life…yet the likes of you wish that they will somehow go away and that they are negative images. Shows how close minded you are.”

My response, which can be read at the bottom in the comment section…

“Dear, Thanks for your comment, by all means read that blog again and the previous review, Welcome to Lagos 1 and then ask yourself if you are on the right trail of thoughts as to what I wanted and did not want the documentary to show?? Besides, how do you know what I want the documentary to show?
It is condescending for you to think, the ‘likes of me’ want the poor to go away and that I am ‘closed minded.’ Obviously, you read the review with a closed mind, if not you would have seen the different sides of argument presented. Can I advice then, that you open your mind 🙂
And if I may ask, what do you know about the likes of me??? Or what others think because you seem to know what we all think????
I do have to say, you are right about this: ‘It is up to us to build our destiny and correct several injustices in society.’
Thanks for the comment though” 🙂

And what do you know, the second person comes along…

“Cosigning Liam. What did she want BBC to report? Lavish lives of corrupt politicians in VI and Ikoyi? She fails to realize that this documentary is an “expose”…something Naijans have to be conscious of in order to propagate change. Who cares if Belinda Otas can’t afford an apart in Lagos when there are thousands of Lagosians that can’t afford a square meal. How selfish of u to impose your myopic views on BBC… U want them to show the “nice” part of Lagos as if ur esteem depends on it. Ur very lame.”

To this joker, sent an email and deleted the comment because no way in hell, will I allow anyone insult me in my own space.

The mother of all comments came up with this…

“Belinda otas sucks! She’s demanding equal representation from the BBC when poor ppl can’t demand equal rep from their govt. Belinda Otas u suck! Ur ideas stink…bottom barrel whore!”

The third comment, I opened my mouth reading it but it clicked, I did not have to respond to that comment and I do not have to publish it on my website either. People are entitled to their opinions like I am entitled to mine. Though I do not appreciate the language and choice of words, I can let these small minded jokers get me all worked up or I can chose to ignore their little arse and keep stepping!

Reminds me of a seminar teaching I once listened to and the speaker addressed the same issue about the mean spirited people you have on the internet. Who, either out of boredom or just plain meanness because they have nothing better to do with their time and life, go about making invalid comments on websites and some spread rumours.

Like they say, if you are neither the problem nor part of the solution, keep your mouth shut and don’t use your fingers either…could get burnt 🙂

For the record, you can say what you need to say. I am glad I made you think, at least, you were prompted to leave a comment, good or bad. In my opinion, that is an achievement. So, do come back and keep reading. Cheers!!!!!



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