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October 2019
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Gordon Brown, David Cameron and The Cleggmania

brown cameron cleggThe last televised debate between the 3 leading political parties in the UK, was a lot of things, including boring. At some point, I got tired of the rhetoric and all three men throwing punches and missing the point. They all came across as childish and short-of-what to say at different points during the debate. A point, Gordon Brown summarised brilliantly, when he said, David Cameron and Nick Clegg reminded him of his boys. Ouch!!!! Nevertheless, each man had a few things to say that made sense and Gordon Brown fought back, though it was not the knockout punch he needed.

Having said that, their foreign policy is so full of shit, it is disheartening and if I were listening to the crap that came out of their mouth at different points, as an individual or member of government from a different country with links to the UK, I am not sure I would want to work with such arrogant boys. Do excuse me but I am exceptionally sick of the UK’s attitude to some issues around the world. You cannot preach human rights when you abuse the right of other nations in a subtle manner. This may not be relevant but it is the only example that comes to mind right now. Let’s take the issue of artefacts from other countries currently in the UK, would it be so bad if you gave it back and lived by the principles preached by the leaders of the country? I guess that would be asking too much of them. Now to more relevant matters, when you invade other nations to fight a war that you have no business fighting, tell me, how other nations are supposed to follow your example or the ones set by your soldiers who abused other people in their own country? Now let’s move to the fact that numerous lives have been lost in the same war on both sides…I know and understand war is part of the world we live in but some can be avoided. Start leading by example with your foreign policies and maybe, just m,maybe, you will get others to follow your preachy preacher attitude.

I found it very interesting that Africa did not feature greatly in their foreign agenda, once again, we are reminded that big brother, in the name of colonial master still believes they can tell us what to do and as always, we jump and do it. See, this is why I respect Mugabe though I do not like what he has done to Zimbabwe, at least he can tell them to f**k off. Graça Machel, Nelson Mandela’s  wife, recently joined my list of favourite women in the world, when she told them to ‘Stay out of Africa.’ In other words, piss off the lot of you. Okay, just my fancy words, she did not say the latter part.

I got an email last week, where someone had written about people’s reactions to the foreign policy debate. She wrote from the point o view of someone living in Ghana. This goes to show the level of interest people in other nations have in the UK’s foreign policy because it does affect them to an extent, be they students, business men and women or companies whose only interest is trade. She writes, “Gordon Brown remarks that Europe should work together with America and the G20 to tackle climate change, but no mention of working with Africa or other developing countries like Bangladesh, who are at the forefront of climate change. This lack of regard for developing countries characterises the mood of the debate. It becomes even more obvious how big the democratic deficiency is on the global level.”

She can say that again. I have said it before and will say it again, it is developing countries who stand to suffer the most from the adverse affects climate change is going to have on us over the next few decades. However, they are the ones with the least bargaining or negotiating powers when its time to find solutions. So, I ask, who is abusing whose rights where nature is concerned?

She also mentions the issue of immigration and the plans to implement new measures to stem the amount of people who come into the UK, either to work, live on illegally. While, I am of the opinion that every country has a right to maintain stability with immigration is concerned, especially during difficult financial times. I do think, there is an element of unfairness in the way it is been handled. If you want an immigration system, get one that works and is fair to all, not one that singles people from a particular country or region of the world.

To reiterate the fact that people from other countries are working closely, I came across this video on Facebook the other day and thought about the economic implication life holds for those with investments in the UK. This was the best I could fin, a man from Nigeria, do excuse and ignore the ascent and focus on the points the man is making. At least, a nice image of a man living well in Nigeria 🙂

Conservative logoIn my humble opinion, their foreign policy does not seem to be well defined. The Liberal Democrats and Conservatives are doing their best to portray they are not America’s lapdogs. Yeah right, as soon as they get in, they are going to be doing the same pushing and pulling and then giving in. Which from experience is justified with, we work together to save the world and keep our citizens safe. How honourable. Truth be told, feel free to disagree with me, the Liberal Democrats still have a lot of work to do on their foreign policy. The Conservatives need to make up their mind as to what they want and what they are selling to Europe or buying from Europe. If either parties decide to join the EU and sign up to the Euro, that will be the end of Britain because right now, the pound is really one of the best things the Great Britain has going for it. I agree with Gordon Brown in terms of job creation within the EU. That is what you sign up for when you join a super-power like the EU. Hence, I think its petty to cry when members of the EU community come to Britain to work. Okay, they might come in dozens and dozens but that is what you signed up and migration is changing the face of things all over. Yes, more British people stay home to work but before anyone complains, they must remember Britain signed up to join the EU of its own freewill and so, has to abide by EU rules. I understand it is frustrating and yes, it can make things really hard but this is why there is need for a system that does its utmost best to make the system fair to all. If that includes a cap on the number of foreign workers at any given time, then, maybe that is a practice that would have to be implemented and lawfully, without breaking the rules and creating a system of abuse and discrimination. The UK cannot be part of the EU and function within that community in isolation. Whosoever heads to NO 10 on May 7 must work with the other leaders from EU.

labour logoIt has been a  long time since I agreed with  Gordon Brown on anything but I do think he had a point with this…”You know who these two guys remind me? They remind me of my two young boys squabbling at bath time, squabbling about whether to have referendums on the European Union. What we need is jobs, and growth, and economic recovery. We work with our partners to get that. The sooner Nick realised also we had to work with America and Europe to get economic growth in the future, the better. I’m afraid David is anti-European, Nick is anti-American, and both of them are out of touch with reality.” David Cameron, gave as good as he could with his response, “It’s not a question of… It’s a question of wanting to get things in Europe for your country and standing up for your country. One of the things the Liberal Democrats would want to do is actually take away Britain’s seat on the United Nations Security Council and replace it with a European one. That’s one of the things that actually gives us the ability to punch above our weight in the world. It gives us influence in the world…”

You know what, good luck to all of them because from the issues of climate change to the economic recovery to immigration, they all seemed unsure to me. I got the impression they are still working on their policies though they are already promising. On the issue of the economy, stability is much needed, so I look forward to what they have to say during the next debate. However, with the issue of climate change, I sure hope they do not gamble away the future of my children by their inability to work together, get the number one offenders –  developed nations and those who have become developing nations in recent years, to the table and agree on a way to ease the pressure the earth has come under from years of pollution and abuse.

liberal democratsI do have to say, Nick Clegg’s game had left him a little bit. There was no clear winner though the bookies had him as favourite to win. Hence, what has happened to the Cleggmania? Considering how well he did in the first ever televised debate in the UK, which goes to show, opportunity can knock at anytime and really change people’s fortunes.  His main priority may be electoral reform and then cutting Britain’s deficit by scarrping the Trident Nuclear submarines programme.  And on the US, he told TIME magazine, 3 May edition, that he wants a recalibration of the relationship between London and Washington. And on the Euro, he wants Britain to adopt the single currency when the conditions are right. I have said it before and will do so again, join the single currency movement and Britain can kiss super-power status goodbye. TIME would go on to conclide that people are beginning to say Clegg speaks for me. hell, to the no, the man does not speak for me. He can enjoy the phenomenal around him right now but a lot of things he is promising are not well defined and I am not convinced. I am not sure he is going to get my vote. Neither will Cameron or Gordon but I still need to vote, so, there is a dilemma to be resolved.

The issue of a hung parliament is still raging, I am seriously thinking about who will sell out if that happens.

I guess we will find out come May 6


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  1. Kip Majeske says:

    I absolutely agree with most of what you’ve said. Great Blog, I have read most of it. I personally consider we need to look at the EU seriously.

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