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October 2019
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The British National Party And Immigration

The BNP is very good at generating its own publicity and playing on the fears many people have. I have stopped trying to figure out how they won a seat at the council level of government and another at the Greater London Authority (GLA.) As if that was not enough to make wonder what the hell is going on, we now have a situation where they are hoping to gain their first seat in the House of Parliament. This might seem like a scary idea for many but if we are honest, the level of apathy in the country means they are going to keep gaining grounds if we do not get off our backsides, stop complaining and start doing something about the change we desire to see in the day-to-day management of the nation.

In every market, there is always room for a new product. The key is knowing your unique selling point (USP) and what makes you different in an already cut-throat and heavily saturated market. The BNP is so aware of this module, they play on the fears people have about immigration. While they claim they are not racists and only want what’s best for the country, yet, they refuse to allow people from ethnic minorities join their party. Since the courts decided that was not right, they have a new plan up their sleeve – they will give priority to foundation members, hence, those who join after that court ruling are still inferior. I say, why bother with the frigging clowns at all?

It is time for Barking and Dagenham Council to make a decision about who they want to be their man or woman in parliament at the next general election. If they vote BNP, it sure will a sad day. There are people fighting to ensure that is not the case. I say well done to them but we all need to make our voices head. In a recent video from Guardian Online, you can see Billy Bragg, an artist who was born in the area going from door to door, talking to people about the negative effects of voting for a BNP member of parliament, stating that is not what the local area is about. He also mentions the fact that the BNP is playing on people’s fears. He is so on point!

What I find intriguing is the fact that the leaders of the part can hardly articulate themselves or the points they want to make, yet, they have thousands of people buying their lies. How is it possible that the recognised parties, who have manifestos written by Oxford and Cambridge graduates do not have the ears of this same people? This once again, reiterates the level of apathy, dissatisfaction and distrust people have in the big parties. hence, they must work extra hard to regain that trust and learn to keep their promises.

Watch and make up your mind and if you live in Barking and Dagenham, make sure your voice is heard and your vote counts. And whatever you do, do not give it to the BNP.

Billy Bragg and BNP candidate Richard Barnbrook clash on streets of Dagenham


One Response to “The British National Party And Immigration”

  1. Hans Schippers says:

    These ppl are just crazy. They will not complain when immigrants come and do their dirty work, but as soon as they (wrongly by the way) fear that they would have to pay even a single penny, they’ll be quick to show them the door. I say shame on them…

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