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October 2019
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Labour, Conservative & Liberal Democrats: A Case Of Lousy Lovers

If at the next election, we end up with a hung parliament, which two sides of the devil’s camp do you think should form a coalition government or marry the other?

Labour Party + Conservative would mean political hell, fights, ‘hulabulala’ and never ending power struggle.

Labour  Party + Liberal Democrats, its pretty clear who will be calling the shots and of course, the Liberal Democrats now have more power to demand actions on issues they are interested in and want changed. So, a lot of compromises.

Conservative + Liberal Democrats that would mean absolute ego tripping from the Conservatives and pussy footing talk from David Cameron but of course, the Liberal  Democrats still have the same power they would have if they got married to the Labour Party.

However, I think it is worth considering what could happen if the three mad camps decided on a Ménage à trois? How do you think the nation will cope with three crazy camps, full of individuals who have no idea about the world they live in or what the people they are fighting to lead are currently feeling?

The way I see it, any of these camps getting married to the other may be good to shut the other up, however, it would be a marriage of utter chaos. And by the time the media is done playing them against each other, the government will be so busy trying to calm fears about their silly fights than actually getting any work done.

Let me at this point be honest with you. In my opinion, most politicians are lousy lovers. They will do or say anything to get you in bed with them. They will get you all fired up, get you wet, you know, the way a man preps a woman he is about to have sex with and by the time you are ready and on the verge of saying come on baby, give it to me, he says, ‘I’m sorry, please do not tell anyone.’ Why, because he ejaculated way too early or went flat while trying to get his groove on.

So, let’s have a look at their great promises which never amount to anything.

The Conservative Party says they are the agent of change. They want to get Britain out of the financial meltdown/crisis it is in, starting with the aim to “Eliminate “the bulk” of the UK’s structural deficit within five years beginning in 2010 with £6bn in cuts.” This cuts will apply to a number of areas with the exception of health and foreign aid.

The Labour  Party is talking about reforms and leading the UK into the promise land by bringing the UK out of the economical gloom it is in. Do you remember that line, ‘British Jobs For British Workers.’ Poor Gordon, the man has had a lot to deal with. They promise a “Targeted” increase in public spending over the next year to “sustain the recovery”, before cutting the deficit by more than 50% by 2014 and reducing the structural deficit by at least two-thirds over the next parliament.” Sounds

Liberal Democrats are enjoying a resurgence and also talking about being the agent of change who can turn the economy around. In fact, the Liberal Democrats are gaining so much attention after last week’s debate, Nick Clegg is now in a position to call Gordon Brown, a ‘desperate man.’ On the economy, they say they would “Identify and cut £15bn of lower priority spending per year to protect front-line services while reducing structural deficit at least as fast as Labour plans, beginning in 2011; raise the threshold at which people start paying income tax from £6,475 to £10,000…” Talk about ambitious. But can they pull it off?

The economy, immigration, health, crime, war in Afghanistan are many of the issues on which they are making their plastic promises. As I write, the UK’s unemployment is at 2.5 million, it would be silly to say that can be turned around in one day because the truth of the matter is that more cuts are been made all over. Among those 2.5million people, there are students who owe thousands of debt in the form of a student loan, which was introduced by the frigging Labour government. Then you have those who have families, mortgages and every kind of person who used to be in the workforce and really want to work, and not be on the dole roll. However, they cannot do that because there are no jobs to apply for. And when there are a few jobs, it is over-subscribed, hence, what chances does anyone individual have for getting it? Still, you have to keep applying, hoping for the best as they say.

This is where I say, not a single one of the political parties in my opinion is worthy of my vote but I still have to vote because if I don’t, then there is no need complaining. For reasons I cannot comprehend, I do not believe a word that comes out of David Cameron. There is something about him that is just so plastic and polished, and that is disturbing. Gordon Brown, oh dear heavens, he certainly is not the most charismatic or vivacious personality out there but he does know a thing or two about leading though he has not done a great job of it in the last year and I still don’t like the way he ousted Tony Blair. Personally, I would have sacked him if I were Tony Blair when he started flexing his muscles. Then again, that is democracy and politics. Everything and anything goes, the end justifies the means. He has received enough bashing, so, I will spare him on this occasion but the Labour Party do have to ask themselves if  they want him to continue to be their leader, that is, if they do win the elections. By now, I am sure you are aware of the fact that the figures indicate Labour is on its way out. Poor Labour. I liked them when they said things can only get better but lately, it just keeps getting worse.

Nick Clegg, man of the moment, the Brits are liking his eloquence and ability to talk but talk is cheap, show me solutions Nicky! You have to give it to him, he was good during the first debate. He responded to questions in a concise manner that made sense. If anything, it was his response to the MP expenses scandal that made me think, hmmm…hang on, this boy knows a thing or two about respecting the public and gaining their trust in comparison to the fat cats who have been busy helping themselves to tax payers money.

David Cameron on immigration and meeting a ‘Black Woman,’ that boy gives me jokes. They all talked about a controlled immigration system in order to reduce the number of migrant workers from outside Europe. Before I go any furthger, if the number of African nurses in the NHS were not as high as it is, ask yourselves, who would do the jobs they take on? There are jobs that British people will not do in past times, I shall not name them. You never know, the way things are going, they may just start cleaning bums, oooops, I said it. Do forgive me. I guess different people have different opinions on immigration and this will always be one with which to win voters hearts but do not claim to be a diverse society when you are have no idea how to work with those who are interested in coming legally to the UK and paying their way into the British society by doing their best to add to it rather than take away from it. Yes, there are those who only take and take and that is wrong. But there is need to treat those who also want to contribute with some dignity and stop subjecting people to inhumane treatment at your detention camps.

David Cameron is talking tough and gaining popularity with the same city fat cats who got us into the mess we are. Why eat with the same type of devil over and over??? They are the ones giving him money for this election, so, why should I support a man, whose biggest donor does not pay tax in the UK and he is currently getting into bed with the rich who have their own agenda? I do not hate rich people. I also want to be rich but I have come to the understanding that some of the rich people we have anywhere in the world, like the fact that the middle class remains the middle class and those with no class at all, never get into a class because if they do, they, the frigging rich, are in trouble.

On the war in Afghanistan, I have to say, Gordon Brown gave a strong answer and he did well during the debate. However, that is not enough to get him elected. He needs to fight a good fight though I have no idea if he will get my vote or who will be getting my vote at that. I do know that the country is sick economically and something needs to be done or there is big trouble on the way. I get the strong sense that people are fed up of the same old rhetoric bullshit they get.

Hence, its time to ask yourself, these jokers may well be lousy lovers but we decided a long time ago that they are the political parties we want. So, we vote them in or vote them out. We have the power to decide who leads from 7 may 2010. The question is, are we going to use it?

As for me, I look forward to the next debate, which I understand will focus on foreign matters. The UK has lost its ‘special relationship’ with the US, one news report claimed a few weeks back. I have never thought they had a special or equal relationship, Britain jumped when America coughed. Let’s see what the jokers have to say during their debate. If you missed it, here you go. Do enjoy!!!!!


7 Responses to “Labour, Conservative & Liberal Democrats: A Case Of Lousy Lovers”

  1. Vicente Henesey says:

    I’ve been reading the information on your site for quite some time now, just wanted to do a quick post and say thank you for all of the useful information you have been providing your readers all this time.

  2. leine says:

    Can we go back to letting the monarch make all the decisions?! LOL, My head is hurting 🙁
    If all parties end up in parliament, maybe the people will have more power, they might have more referendums, simply because they can’t compromise 😀
    Simplistic thinkng I know, but politics, always blows itself out of proportions for me, at the end of the day these dodgy politicians will have their way, regardless of who’s in power

  3. Belinda Otas says:

    @ Leine, you can say that again, the whole lot of them are jokers. But do you do have to vote for one and it is hard to pick anyone right now. Clegg is getting too big for his own shoes, Cameron is a little arrogant and plastic for me and Gordon, oh dear heavens, do not get me started…

  4. burn belly fat says:

    Reading through your articles gives me a chance to remember why I like reading things with so much insight. It is nice to know that there are still great bloggers out there that can put humor into knowledgable information. Thank you for your input and eagerness to reveal your thoughts with us.

  5. Lisa Webster says:

    Great blog Belinda,

    The buzz word of the election is ‘change’ but with the old guard of Labour or the Tories not much will change. The quiet revolution that’s going on at the moment is very British and refreshing which could bring about real change and reinvigorate politics in electoral reform. If everybody was to think that all politicians are just as bad as eachother this would undermine the system; the only way forward is electoral reform and this, thank God, might happen.

  6. Belinda Otas says:

    @ Lisa, thanks lady. I hope something changes, electoral reform or more jobs…something needs to change.

  7. Niki Criscione says:

    Pretty good article. I just came across your blog and planned to say which I have really enjoyed reading your opinions. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and Lets hope you post again soon.

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