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July 2020
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There Is A Lesson To Be Learnt In Every…

This past week has been very interesting and the situations I have experienced once again, reiterate that in every circumstance, there is a lesson to be learnt. A very promising week and it was well worth it because I got that buzz of journalism all over again by working closely with my editor at the New African Woman. It meant not being able to update because i was so shattered when I got home, all I could do was sleep.

It was the same week, a friend from the US, sent me an email congratulating me about a feature I had written for The Root. That same feature would end up leaving a sour taste in my mouth because of the events that would transpire later. I am a grown girl now and I do not believe in being nasty or claiming to be right on everything. However, I will say, I learnt you must always stand your ground no matter who you are dealing with or the level of ego they have on their shoulders.

It is  case whereby, when you know your work and worth, do not allow anyone’s small mindedness get you down. Be honest with yourself when they do the unexpected but do not go down to their level and start throwing words to make yourself better. Rise above it, learn and move on because you would have made your point by letting them know, hold on a minute, this was not supposed to be like this.  Please, it would be good if it did not happen again.’ If it turns out to be a case where a few wires have bee crossed, say sorry for the cross-wires and leave it at that but never ‘apologise’ for something you are not apologetic about/for. This applies to different aspects of life.

Pointing fingers does not always solve problems because four fingers are pointing right back at you. Besides, I have come to realise that if you are not careful, you become what you complain about. So, I am of the opinion that it is best to pick your battles and walk away from the ones that are not worth your energy unless you are trying to prove a point to yourself.And that in my humble view is not worth it either. Why prove anything unless it is proving to yourself that you could and can do

In wrapping this up, for everyday that I am alive, there is a lesson to be learnt and the one for this week is to let nothing break my focus for I have come too far to frigging let anything or anyone get in the way of what is ahead.  And in stepping out into a new week, I am ready to learn new things even if the process is painful.

I am ready to dance for there is work to be done and new adventures to embark on.

Have a great week and look out for some interesting post throughout the week.


One Response to “There Is A Lesson To Be Learnt In Every…”

  1. Ogochukwu says:

    Hey girl!

    There’s a lesson to be learnt really…if only we’d apply ourselves to learning it. I’ve had a more-than-eventful 2weeks with lots of lessons from every corner.

    Thanks for the reminder! Have a great week!

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