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August 2020
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Healthcare In America: The Sad State of The Republican Party, A Bunch Of Whining Men

Let me start by saying, I am not an American. I have nothing to gain or lose from the Healthcare Bill that was passed sunday night in the US House of Representatives. However, as an individual who has had to deal with a medical condition, I know for a fact that if I was based in the US for the period of time/years I have lived my life this way, there is a big possibility I may have lost the fight to stay alive.  It would not have been because I did not want to stay alive but due to financial reasons; for I am certain, some insurance companies would have hyped my premiums or refuse me for one reason or another…either way, it would have been a tough battle to keep going.

While my medical challenges started in Nigeria, there is a small similarity between the healthcare in Nigeria and the US, it is chaotic. In Nigeria, it is none-existent. In the US, there is healthcare, at least if you are in an emergency situation, you know you will get treatment. However, what happens after that is critical. If you are faced with a long term situation, it may well cost you every penny you have and some. However, the fact that healthcare is so frigging expensive for millions, they might as well be living in Nigeria and know where they stand. Ain’t that something…one of the may ironies of the developed world and the third world like the Western world, the first class world likes to call African nations yet, they have so much in common.

It was interesting to see the outcome of the debate and the final speeches made by Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner. My world, John Boehner, do forgive me, sounded and looked like someone whose partner had just announced they were leaving them. His impassioned speech sounded very angry and personal on some levels to me but then again, it was just his passion to save his fellow Americans speaking. Who am I to say otherwise?

I have decided based on the year long battle to get this Healthcare Bill through the political forest of the US system of government, that bitter men are worst than whining children. There was no single Republican vote, hence, I wonder, when this bill goes into effect and some Republicans gain from this, how will they feel about staying wicked and not doing what’s right for the American people they claim to represent.  It was so pathetic to watch them trying to kill the bill within seconds of it going through with a procedural move/delay. Sad men or mad men, they are not fit to be politicians when they are so frigging self-centred and all that matters is scoring political points with the lives of over 30 million people.  You also have to ask, why should the government stay out of healthcare when its population is suffering due to lack of healthcare? Why do we have government systems and democracy which is supposed to be government of the people, by the people and for the people? If the same government cannot help the people that put it there to protect and safeguard their interest? The American public was also very divided on this matter and the level of personal attack on their President is like none I have seen. Hence, I do have to ask, where the line between safeguarding their country ends and the line of racism comes into play?

The vote was an historical and monumental turning point in the history of social care policies  in America.  A move to bring change to millions of people that many before Obama could not achieve, from Roosevelt to Truman to Clinton. They tried and did not get it through the house.  It was not a racially motivated action by Obama or those who have worked with him  to get this done. Though I would have appreciated if he was more open about the process like he had promised. Transparency was missing and for that, I think he needs to put the hearts and minds of many to rest and make an effort to tell the people he leads what went down behind closed doors. Then again,  that is wishful thinking on my part. Politics is a world marred with compromises and deals. I thought President Obama gave a dignified speech. It was not time to gloat because there is more work to be done. If 11 Republican state governors are already talking about lawsuit against the Federal government, sure sounds and looks like the battle lines have be drawn. I hope they lose and that they lose shamefully with their heads down and their ass kicked out of office. I respect him for the dignity and heart from which he spoke. It was a victory for the American people, healthier lives, an American proposal and it was about shaping the future. It was not Obama winning on a personal level but ordinary Americans regaining their lives.

While I do not know the details in this bill but from what I have read in the news media, 32 million people will gain better healthcare for this. Surely that counts for something right? People do not have to be afraid like I would be nervous if I wanted to relocate to the US based on a pre-existing medical condition. I understand the national deficit will be reduced. So, I ask, is it a case where the Tea Party Movement and the frigid Republicans like to see poor people suffer or they are just so frigging cold and heartless, they cannot stand to see others move up in life and healthcare? Rush Limbaugh said he would leave America if the bill passed, I hope he has now relocated to a forest where he can no longer be found, at least, we know the vile venom that comes out of his mouth will cease, the frigging prick bullshitter.

What I find fascinating about this healthcare drama is the fact that, Americans would love to be seen as saving the world. Africa being the perfect example, but when it comes to their own fellow citizens, their hearts and attitudes to save the world stinks like dog shit. I have never heard of a country so rich, yet some of its citizens, particularly some of the rich ones or those in a position of power are so poor in character and attitude when it comes to its own people. I have never seen or experienced a country that prides itself on democracy yet full of angry, bitter and twisted politicians who play with the destiny and future of millions in the name of politics and democracy when the truth is they are on a personal vendetta. They are so hateful, their hate has a foul stench about it. I have never seen a country so full of its self yet the most arrogant and ignorant about its own dog shit!

I personally do not enjoy having a go at people but this healthcare bill and the amount of hatred I have  seen it generate shows me, the land of the free is still shackled up with hatred, bitterness and allow me say the R word racism. I didn’t see many people come out to fight against George Bush Jr in this manner when he went to war in two countries, particularly, Iraq that he had no business going to war with. Yes, he got rid of Saddam Hussein but when you take into the account the number of American lives lost, the amount of money the war has cost and the number of dead Iraqi’s, was it really worth it?

You have to have lived with the fear of knowing you might not make it to understand why it is crucial healthcare be available to all. You have to understand that people die from minor illness just because they could not afford medication to know why in a developed country like America, healthcare should not be a luxury but a right for all. Spend the money you use building weapons on healthcare, do excuse my naivety but I bet you, you would have a much healthier society.

The Republicans argue the Bill in unconstitutional. Please, can someone tell me what is unconstitutional about trying to create a healthy society and keeping people alive? John McCain, I wonder why he too has not left America, vows they will fight the bill in the courts and in the farms? I wonder who the Republicans will be hurting with their hateful hearts. America preaches human rights to other countries and that outcry is very popular with the Republicans, so can I ask, what right have they to truncate on the human right of over 30 million people to healthcare?


3 Responses to “Healthcare In America: The Sad State of The Republican Party, A Bunch Of Whining Men”

  1. Hans Schippers says:

    Well done Belinda! Goes to show “human rights” is only the word they preach, but not what they act upon. I’m sure the next “evil” dictator to be removed will be Chavez in Venezuela, and I wouldn’t be surprised if along with him some of his oil follows… In that view, given the so-called religious riots in Jos, maybe they’ll find justification there to target Naija next?
    Let’s pray Obama can stop the madness for a while…

  2. sizzix big shot says:

    I normally roam all over the web because I have the tendancy to read often (which isn’t always a great idea because most blogs just copy from each other) but I have to say that yours contains some genuine substance! Thanks for stopping the trend of just being another copycat site! 😉

  3. Grant says:

    Keep up the good writing

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