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April 2020
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Despicable Venom. Despicable Evil

On 28 January,  I wrote about Obama’s State of  The Union Speech and used a piece from the BBC World Service, it was a short clip of a forthcoming documentary made by Gary Younge. Opposing Obama was the title then and that is still the title now. However, I am of the opinion that they should have been straight and called it ‘Obama haters.’ That way, we all know without it being explained to us that what was coming out of the mouth of the individuals the journalist interviewed was nothing but venom. Nothing prepared me for the contemptible things I heard people say with their mouth. Once again, I realised how naive I am and that I still have a lot to learn about human nature.

All through, I could not believe my ears at some of the things the different interviewees had to say. Is it the socialist name tag or the insinuation that he has ideas which I have no words to describe, okay, I tell a lie, let’s try Communism among others that came to mind when some of them described him. The irony is, they didn’t hear themselves and they were the ones that sounded like jokers with all of these ideologies running in their heads.

I felt shame for the man who said the only reason he voted McCain was because McCain was the white one and then he laughed afterwards. The shame I felt was for his family and his generation (those who think that way) obviously, they are still in the dark ages and ignorance is costly. Maybe its me and my naivety, and I would like to believe that people do see change and embrace it but I have been proved wrong, over and over. I believe it is important for people to have different views in the battle ground of politics, that way, no one feeds them lies all day long. They can challenge what they don’t like and change it by action. That is why your vote counts. But when those views are dangerous and are along the lines of racism, then that is very disturbing.

While Gary Younge set out to make a documentary and find out what people think and his aim was not to present anyone in a bad light, at least, that is what I hope he wanted to do, the venom that was spewing out of the mouth of the nasty interviewees is nothing but appalling. It is despicable venom of the highest magnitude and I wonder what they teach their children? I agree that more needs to be done to help the people who are suffering and are now queuing up to get food. My heart goes out to the lady who says her husband has a heart condition and so, times are hard for them. But hello!!! Did Obama come into a presidency that was trouble free and everything was just fine? Hell NO! He came into a presidency with baggage and I mean, excess baggage. Yes, he is yet to make good on all of his promises but for frigging crying out loud, did Bush get all of this aggravation when he was there? Did it happen like this? I am fully aware people wanted a change, asked and cried for it but not on this level of hatred due to race? Besides, he has no magic wand to make all of America’s problem go away. He is a human being like us. Why do we expect so much from him alone? What are doing to help ourselves and our nations? If you don’t like your situation, you change it but people have become so good at the blame game and pointing fingers, they have forgotten what’s like to keep reinventing yourself. Maybe you could all learn a thing or two from Madonna on that front. Send her an email. That might help you find out why after over two decades, she is still the Queen of Pop. Stop sitting on your ass, waiting for manna to drop from heaven.

In the same documentary, another interviewee nailed it on the head, people are afraid of change and I believe that is what this hatred stems from. People are afraid to change, so they will do anything to fight it and make sure it does not work. But if you wake up in time, you will find that the only person hurting and losing out is you. If the people, whom Younge interviewed don’t change their mindsets, they are going to die bitter because there is still a majority that like the man. After all, he won the election by a fair enough margin. So, you best swallow your pride about the frigging superiority of your white skin and get with the programme or you are going to be left behind.

And now to my other beef for the day. A female suicide bomber takes out over 40 Iraqis all in the name of Allah and fighting for the cause of Allah. No disrespect to anyone but that is some sh*tty thinking. Women give life and they nurture but this chick from the sound of things was pretty messed up and heavily brainwashed. I guess no one will ever know how she got to this point or if she was blackmailed like others have been in the past. I mean there are stories of women who are raped and then told killing others is the only way to redeem themselves in the sight of Allah.

I believe people mask their wickedness with religion and this is what happens over and over when the religion involved, be it Christianity or Islam, fails to come together and denounce these kind of actions. The more we stay divided within our religious groups about how to deal with a matter, the more we are going to keep dealing with this mess and bodies filling our morgues. I mean, al-Shabab finally admits its link to al-Qaeda, and the same frigging al-Qaeda offers Muslims in Nigeria, help to get rid of the Christians. Talk about misplaced ideas and life. I would strongly suggest, you all help yourselves first because you need the help more than the people you are offering it to.  The help you need is a mental check-up. I believe that will do you all a world of good and while you are in the mad house, you can learn a thing or two about the value of human life and that the way forward in life is dialogue not killing people. You are nothing but barbaric hoodlums, who have lost respect for humanity, yet you claim to know God more than the rest of us. Shame on you all and for the lives you have taken to date, I pray you all rot in hell when your time comes. And that your death will be far worse than the lives you have taken and no one helps you. May your thirst be so bad, yet no one gives you a drop of water to quench it. Maybe then, you will realise that life is precious and you have no right to other people’s lives. What’s sad about this is that you are killing the very people you claim to be fighting for. SHAME ON YOU.


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