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Mothers Day is only a few days away but for many, that reality has been snatched and all they are left with is a painful memory. I understand giving birth is one of the most painful and beautiful  experience a woman will ever go through in life. An interesting oxymoron if you ask me but […]


We live in a world where a lot of things happen and sometimes, we pay more attention to things far away than the ones closer to us. The Al Jazeera documentary below, Caught In The Cradle,  reminds me of the things in our individual societies which need our attention. I would like to claim it […]


We cannot deny Cornel West divides opinion across the board. Some love him, some loathe him and others just don’t want to know. In this edition of Riz Khan, West discusses issues to do with race, injustice, inequality and the current crisis in Libya.  What do you think about his stance on the Obama administration? […]


So much has been written about Sudan, the good, the bad and the ugly to the point where all we focus on, is the negative and never the positive. Darfur, Omar Bashir and years of civil are ever so synonymous  with the country, its seems we have lost sight of the very people, we are […]


We have seen the likes of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, and President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, criticise The UN Resolution 1973 as regards to Libya and the implementation of the no-fly zone. Let’s call a spade a spade, these two arse-holes have no right to speak considering their record in office. Like Gaddafi, they […]


Fela said music is a weapon and Angelique Kidjo said it is a window to the soul. Two very powerful statements about the power of music that I agree with.  Watching these two very different documentaries exploring the arts and its ability to influence people got me thinking because they opened my eyes to other […]


The negative events in Libya and Ivory Coast have managed to overshadow other news stories on the African continent in recent time. Nigeria is getting ready for an election, yet, it has barely garnered any sensational headlines with the international news media. Well, I guess that’s a not a bad thing because if the elections […]


The world is spinning in a cyclone of uncertainty. From revolutions to natural disasters to continuous political upheaval. Let me start in Ivory Coast, where the political deadlock continues and there is no solution in sight! It is hard to take sides the more I learn about Laurent Gbagbo. I am not saying Alassane Ouattara, […]


This is a whole new level of getting the kink in the bedroom up to par! Women opting for a shot to get themselves in the mood for sexual healing…well, if Stella could get her groove back with a younger men, a G-shot could be the solution for cougar wannabes… G-shot anyone??


I came across this the other day on the Al Jazeera website. It is an old edition of Witness, documenting the lives, struggles and successes of Ugandan female rally drivers. Personally, this is not for me but if it works for them and they are enjoying it and in so doing, are breaking the norm, […]


In an interview with the New African, Tony Blair, former British PM, said Africa’s future is in African hands. Without a doubt, he is on point because if it is going to be, it is down to us. We must and need to get out of that spoon-feeding mentality. Law: Let’s start with our legal […]


We have all been glued to news reports about the earthquake which hit Japan earlier today, and the Tsunami alert that followed. The earthquake is said to measure at 8.9 magnitude. I don’t know much about the scientific nature of earthquakes but I understand this is the biggest and worst recorded in Japanese history, and […]


This edition of Riz Khan was a few days ago but it is a subject I am interested in and one that keeps changing. It makes me wonder how global events shift and forces media outlets to focus on some stories at any given time more than they do others. Ivory Coast is burning but […]


Motherhood is supposed to a joyful experience but for many women that reality often comes with its own pain. The kind you cannot explain and one that can never be erased. I have never been a mother but it is scary to know, your life hangs in the balance when you have no access to […]


(CNN) — Today is the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, a milestone centenary worthy of the celebrations bestowed upon it. Michelle Bachelet, the first executive director of U.N. Women and former Chilean president, has described the last century as one of progress and of “women using their collective voice to organize for change.”   […]


For as long as I can remember, authoritarian and repressive governments have always been afraid of writers and their pens. The might of the pen goes beyond the creation of creative and rhythmical prose on the page. It also provokes the masses and maybe, individuals, who for had issues with what they see happening around […]


I hope you are all having a fine weekend, due to end in a few hours. I am frantically working away on my questions for interviews due this week and I have Becca with her new single, African Woman on repeat to keep me company. I love the song and the words are apt when […]


As the world gets ready to celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, it is a ‘grave concern’ of mine that one day, when news about war in places like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, which by the way is the least reported nation in the world, among […]