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April 2010
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If anything has stirred my soul this year, with the exception of some moments of personal pain, it would most definitely and without a shadow of doubt, be Ruined. The Pulitzer Prize winning play by Lyn Nottage. It opened my heart and conscience to think the same way, Paul Grootboom’s Townships Stories, made me think […]


Watching the Tutu Talks last night on BBC 4 as they discussed the role of women in Africa and if Women Are Strong Enough To Lead Africa? –  got me thinking about the different positions women occupy in society, yet they have to fight twice as hard to get and stay there. Chaired by Archbishop […]


I have often been to websites where people leave comments that left me baffled. I wondered the eyes and ears with which they read what they were commenting on. I guess you just have people who claim to be exceptionally open minded, yet, their minds are so closed and they are blind in every sense […]


The last televised debate between the 3 leading political parties in the UK, was a lot of things, including boring. At some point, I got tired of the rhetoric and all three men throwing punches and missing the point. They all came across as childish and short-of-what to say at different points during the debate. […]


“Resourceful, resilient and unbelievably determined,” words used to introduce the second instalment of the documentary, ‘Welcome To Lagos.’ The narrator further on goes to inform us, that the people living in the lagoon and ghettos are adapting to life, the way those of us in the so called, ‘developed world’ could not begin to imagine. […]


If at the next election, we end up with a hung parliament, which two sides of the devil’s camp do you think should form a coalition government or marry the other? Labour Party + Conservative would mean political hell, fights, ‘hulabulala’ and never ending power struggle. Labour  Party + Liberal Democrats, its pretty clear who […]


The BNP is very good at generating its own publicity and playing on the fears many people have. I have stopped trying to figure out how they won a seat at the council level of government and another at the Greater London Authority (GLA.) As if that was not enough to make wonder what the […]


Welcome to Lagos may not be the best film to promote the people and values of Nigeria but it sure says a lot about the majority who believe in hard work and not scamming their way for a living. I know there are many people, myself included who would say, the choice and places of […]


If anyone has said anything this week that really made an impression on me, it would have to be my mum. I had a funny experience and as usual, spoke to her about it. Now, believe me when I say, my mum knows me. She knows my tongue and how well my fingers can do […]


Life sure comes in seasons and sometimes, you feel like the one you are in will never end. But it will, just like the others came and now they are gone. I cannot get enough of this song,  so I am going to share because it has kept me for months and is still keeping […]


Julius Malema, president of the ANC Youth league in South Africa, first caught my attention when he vowed that he would take up arms for the cause of Jacob Zuma. I believe he made this comment when the battle for the leadership for the ANC was raging between Thabo Mbeki and Zuma faithful camps. “We […]


Dear Zachari Klawonn, You don’t know me and we most likely will never meet but I have heard of you. Based on what I heard, I decided to do some work on Google, these days, you cannot hide anything on the world wide web.  Let me start off by saying, I have the utmost level […]


South Africa has given the world some of the most memorable moments in the last two decades, from the release of Nelson Mandela in 1990, to witnessing that historic election that would make him the first Black President, post-apartheid in 1994, and most recently, the bitter reality of Xenophobia.  For me as an individual, that […]


Dear Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, Allow me some level of honesty. I am not a fan. I have never been and will never be. To be honest, I do not like you. I know that sounds very personal but believe me, you have enough enemies to last you a lifetime, I will not give you the […]


This past week has been very interesting and the situations I have experienced once again, reiterate that in every circumstance, there is a lesson to be learnt. A very promising week and it was well worth it because I got that buzz of journalism all over again by working closely with my editor at the […]


Sarah Ladipo Manyika is one of the most beautiful people I have interviewed and connected with in recent times. Her inner beauty radiates through her words and her actions. She is sweet, intelligent, warm and welcoming. Confident in herself and her own space, she is not afraid to share what she knows. She possesses a […]


Welcome to Hay An Najat, Casablanca. This is where Youssef El-Mmekki lives with his mother. No, it is not the tourist idyll sold to the world by travel agents. It is a slum. A place he desperately wants to escape from due to the stench off poverty that hits you as soon as you enter […]


Set in the 80s and 90s, in Bulawayo, the story starts with the house next door burning down in a blaze of fire which results in the death of Mrs McKenzie. Ian McKenzie, her stepson is held responsible and imprisoned but released after two years. This is where the fascination begins and Lindiwe Bishop is […]