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I believe one of the many reasons I love theatre is because it breaks down barriers in ways our politicians cannot.  When you are in there, you are one of many audience members and no one is going to ask you about the colour of your skin, the degree you hold or how much money [...]


I stayed up religiously last night to watch the State of The Union address by President Barack Obama. Like a daughter who longs to see her father tell the world that he is ‘The Man,’ I wanted to hear what he had to say and of course, find out what his plans and course of [...]


Catapulted into the literary world with her accomplished debut, Petina Gappah has being hailed as a major literary voice by critics. Winner of the 2009 Guardian First Book Award, an ‘Elegy for Easterly,’ is a collection of short stories about life in Zimbabwe, written with musicality and humour. While her book has been very successful, [...]


The first time he jammed himself into me He said it was normal for it to hurt. He said I was his favourite and I was special. He said it is only special people who get this kind of gift He said it was his gift to me No one was to know about it [...]


It is good to share. Well, that’s what I was told as a child and I believe that’s a great lesson to learn at an early age.  I would like to bring to your much respected attention, the new edition of the New African Woman. It is a great magazine and one I have enjoyed [...]


According to Sunni Patterson, ‘We Made It.’ Listening to the above piece reminded me of a piece I wrote  a while back. I’m practically going down memory lane with this one, it is from my raging days. Don’t get comfortable, I still have that fire but I have grown up since 2007 when I wrote [...]


Proud to be a woman Creativity at its best Likeness of love She celebrates herself Her feminity Her sexuality Her sensuality She celebrates her needs and desires in anticipation of fulfilment She celebrates her feelings and knowledge of her body And she celebrates her sensuality Proud to be a woman A woman with needs and [...]


This is for Haiti. I just read a news story on the BBC website which says they have decided to stop searching for survivors. My heart is crying for anyone who may still be alive but we will never know because the search is over. I’m thinking, how will they feel if no one comes [...]


I don’t know about you but there are days when I talk to myself. No, I’m not losing the plot. I’m keeping myself in check simply because I don’t want to lose sight of what’s important and I don’t want to get too big for my shoes either. I believe it is very important to [...]


  I went to the theatre last night and saw a really brillant play from Palestine, I Am Yusuf And This Is My Brother, by Amir Nizar Zuabi. On my way to the Young Vic, no it is not a pub, I saw something unusual. I believe it is supposed to be some form of [...]


In the final of my three part interview series about Wasafiri, meet Susheila Nasta. Susheila Nasta is the Editor of Wasafiri, the internationally distinguished literary magazine, which she founded in 1984 at a time when there were few publications which featured the work of writers from African, Caribbean, South Asian and Black British diasporic backgrounds. [...]


Kiran Desai is an Indian-born novelist and the author of The Inheritance Of Loss, which won the 2006, Man Booker Prize. I met her in 2009, at the 25th anniversary celebration of Wasafiri, a literary magazine and this is what she had to say about the magazine and the publishing world. Belinda: Have you ever [...]


When I wrote Black, Sexual, Sensual and Spiritual, in 2006, I was hopeful that one day in the near future, there will be less naked women in rap videos. I was sure that the drive to stamp it out by outspoken leaders, men and women, will make music executives and the artists themselves think differently [...]


The bloody bastards, telling me I is a bastard and for being a bastard, I is the one who has got to come down to this bloody man and woman beings also known as human beings and tell them that we is coming. Bloody assholes, what do I look like? John The Baptist? I bet [...]


I promised myself this weekend was all about me, myself and I. Sometimes, you have got to get it together and clear your heard. So, there I was with a list of things I wanted to do. Watch the movie, A Good Man Is Hard To Find, listen to some Bebe Winans, John Stoddart, his [...]


Yaba Badoe’s first novel, True Murder tells the story of Ajuba Benson, a pre-adolescent girl who is disturbed due to her family background in Ghana. Ajuba finds herself in the world of Polly Venus, an Anglo-American who is defiant and everything Ajuba is not. Their world soon collides with grave consequences which leaves Ajuba with [...]


Adelaide Damoah’s work has been described as a stroke of genius and critics say she is the one to watch. Her exhibitions and series of work to date include Supermodels, Black Brits, Black Lipstick and Abstract. I interviewed Damoah, pictured below, for NEXT newspaper a little while back and she told me about her passion [...]


We all woke up to the devastating effect of the Indian Tsunami of 26 December 2004, which killed nearly 250,000. Back then, it one of the worst things I had ever seen on television.  To see people cry regardless of who was watching, even grown men was pretty disheartening. It was bad enough that they lost [...]