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October 2019
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As my series of interviews with playwrights, whose work have featured in Tiata Fahodzi’s, African Play Reading Festival comes to an end, I would like to introduce you to Lizzy Dijeh. Born in London, to Nigerian parents, Dijeh has been described as an astute writer, whose plays speak of and to our era. In her own […]


JC Niala, from Kenya is one of the playwrights whose work is being read at the Tiata Fahodzi’s African Play Reading Festival. Her play, The Strong Room explores the subject of relationship and power between the rich and the poor within African societies. In her own words, Niala explains whyAfrica’s strength is her diversity. Belinda: […]


Tiata Fahodzi translates as ‘Theatre of The Emancipated,’ and is considered to be the leading British African theatre company in the UK. Armed with the vision of producing world class theatre which conveys, celebrates and challenges the cultural experiences of Africans, while serving an all-inclusive British audience, the company returns with Tiata Delights. Its annual […]


The Association of Dance of African Diaspora (ADAD) is a national organisation that supports the practice and appreciation of dance of the African Diaspora. ADAD’s vision is to see dance of the African diaspora move from the margins to the mainstream and become a visible and valued part of the British cultural experience. As ADAD […]


“I used to love England, we all did until those dickheads stole our future.” Never has a theatre production been timelier and precise than I’m England by Talawa Young People’s Theatre (TYPT.) It responds to recent events in England better than any psychologist or politician can attempt a reasonable explanation. Devised by young Londoners aged […]


A Community Tea Party was recently held on Clarence Road, one of the worst affected areas in Hackney, during last week’s riots.  Local residents, young and old came out for a cuppa! Here are a few images from the day. Full story from the evening: Hackney: It’s All About Community                    


The residents of Clarence Road, Hackney, one of the worst affected areas in the borough, during last week’s devastating riots were out in force at a community organised tea party to reclaim their street. Backed by local residents, it was billed as a chance for reflection, a time for socialising and catching up. The aim was to […]


Clarence Road, Hackney is filled with an unusual and eerie silence and the police presence feels like we are under Marshal Law. Every corner you turn, there are two or three at hand to welcome you. It feels safe yet intimidating because in an ironic way, we are under surveillance. Move from Clarence Road to […]


By now, it is only an unborn child that’s not aware London is burning down. Hackney had its share of the looting and destruction yesterday. I dare say these youths were out of their minds. Watching them, it was as if they had been possessed and had lost every control they had over themselves. Something bigger […]


Listed by the Powerlist 2011, as one of the most influential black people in Britain, Sandie Okoro is the Global General Counsel for Barings, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious financial institutions. The daughter of a Nigerian father and a Trinidadian mother,  and in her 40s, Okoro is one of a few women […]


The Oval House theatre has established itself as a venue for international playwriting, where playwrights from different parts of the world can come and share their stories. With its innovative new performance work that celebrates the diversity of cosmopolitan London, it has given us productions like Vakomana Vaviri Ve Zimbabwe (Two Gentlemen of Verona) with […]


Talawa Theatre is regarded as one of Britain’s foremost black-led theatre companies and has introduced emerging writing talents to the British theatre landscape over the years. As Talawa celebrates 25 years of work that has engaged theatre audiences and practitioners in the UK, and helped shape the way stories about BAME communities are told, it […]


As a Child, Tunji Kasim wanted to be a boxer or a dish washer – as in someone who washes dishes, not the machine. However, the dish washing ambition did not last long, acting came calling. Today, he is living the dream of many actors as part of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s ensemble for the […]


“Art was the means by which sacred history served the function of revealing those invisible dimensions that gave support to transcendent ideals. For without sacred history, self would have no relationship to family, family would have no relationship to community; community no relationship to world, and world no relationship to Creation.” The words of Fowokan […]


Regarded as one of Britain’s foremost black-led theatre companies, Talawa Theatre has introduced emerging writing talents like Micheal Bhim, to the British theatre landscape over the years. As Talawa Theatre celebrates 25 years of work that has engaged theatre audiences and practitioners in the UK, and helped to shape the way stories about BAME communities […]


Black women’s hair is a subject that arouses strong emotions and controversy. In Hair Power Skin Revolution, a collection of personal essays and stories, and poems by black and mixed-race women, Nicole Moore ignites a new dialogue on the subject, poignant and powerful, she chronicles why black women need to develop an eternal love affair […]


Fela! has been described as a provocative and unique hybrid of dance, theatre and music, which explores the extravagant, rebellious and controversial world of Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. However, little has been said of the women, who shaped his life. As the acclaimed production prepares to bring down the curtain down on its London run, […]


The name Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, conjures up an array of images and emotions; from enigma to polygamist to human rights activist and pioneer of Afrobeat, one of Africa’s most famous musical exports. Hence, it comes as no surprise that his life has become the focus of  the theatre stage in recent times.  Fela! the critically acclaimed […]