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October 2020
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Over the weekend, I read the NYT article – Successful and Schizophrenic. It blew me away. The author, Elyn Saks articulated some things I have felt and believe, when it comes to living and dealing with a medical condition. But this line stood out for me – “What I refused to accept was my prognosis.” […]


Bumi Thomas has such a distinctive sound, I find it hard to compare her to anyone. She is who she is and has grasped what it means to own your voice. I heard her live at an event in late 2011, armed with her guitar and voice, she blew me away. Now take that magnetic […]


Happy New Year!!!!! And trust 2012 has been off to a great start. As for me, you know this jig goes, we keep keeping on! 😆 As I write my first post of the year, let me start off by saying thanks so much for taking the time to read my musings, rants, opinions, you know […]


So much has been written about Sudan, the good, the bad and the ugly to the point where all we focus on, is the negative and never the positive. Darfur, Omar Bashir and years of civil are ever so synonymous  with the country, its seems we have lost sight of the very people, we are […]


I have never read a book by Michell McKinney Hammond, which ended on the note of disappointment. She is always on point as far as I’m concerned. From her novels to her books on relationships, finance and being the lady you envision and have always wanted to be. Anyone remember the Diva Principles? Hammond knows […]


Belinda, did you just say you want to become one with your G-spot? Yes, I did! Like that? I knew you  would. Come on now, don’t tell me you didn’t get a twinkle in your eyes when you saw and read the word G-spot! A ha! Now, come back to earth, get your mind and […]


We all have issues! What?? What does she mean we all have issues?? I don’t have any issues. You tell a lie…liar, liar, pants on fire. My name is Belinda Otas and I have issues. Now before you run for your life, I’m dealing with them and the ones I’m yet to get a hold […]


The first time I heard about Black Girls Rock! I have to admit, I was like, okay what’s that about? However, listening to Beverly Bond talk about her dream and vision for your black girls, this is a great and innovative idea. There is more to being a black woman than the booty shaking ‘hottie’ […]


The first time I heard Lisa Shannon speak, it was during an interview on ABC News, presented by Diane Sawyer. I was intrigued by this American woman, who changed her whole life for women across the ocean despite the fact that she didn’t know them by name and was yet to meet a single one […]


No one likes to be rejected but it is an inevitable life experience we all have to face at one point or another. From our career to our relationships to family and friends, it can come from the place we least expected it to the very source where we had a faint idea it was […]


If sorrow is a companion I go to bed with suicide as my lover Her gentle whisper of loss Loss of hope and glory Her silent but strong voice of conviction Her aroma like the waft of an onion Being peeled one layer at a time till it sinks into you She is a powerful […]


“Be generous with your advice: live it instead,” says Nana Awere Damoah. He is putting soul back into reading with his collection of heart-warming stories laced with traditional Ghanaian proverbs. Without being preachy, Damoah reiterates the importance of appreciating the value of small beginnings, why parents should appreciate their children while they can and why […]


Don’t you just love the sound of drums and to be precise, African drums. They have the ability to take you to a far away land, create rhythms that get you in touch with nature and make you dance like there is no tomorrow. I personally think if you listen closely, there is something spiritual […]


If foul moods can be measured in degrees, be it the Fahrenheit or Celsius format, then the one I was in this past sunday morning was way over 100, as far as both forms of measurements are concerned. I am of the opinion that the foul mood with which I woke up constituted of weeks […]


Dear Pastor Terry Jones, Let me start off by saying, I’m fully aware the bible says, “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm.” However, believe me when I say, if I were in a position to ‘club’ or ‘brush’ you across the head, I would. When I’m done, I would ask God for […]


America, land of un-ending drama. If I lived in this neighbourhood, it would be hard to get depressed. The supply of comedy is unending. But on a serious note, this is one heck of an interesting fight, what do you think?


Ride on Sista! I will not belittle the content of this video by adding more. Selah!


Matilda MacAttram is one of the leading figures addressing the issue of mental health within the African-Caribbean community. She is the founder and director of Black Mental Health UK (BMH UK.) Launched in 2006, BMH UK campaigns to raise awareness about the inequality of mental health treatment provided to black communities. In part II of […]