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September 2014
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A Community Tea Party was recently held on Clarence Road, one of the worst affected areas in Hackney, during last week’s riots.  Local residents, young and old came out for a cuppa! Here are a few images from the day. Full story from the evening: Hackney: It’s All About Community                    


By now, it is only an unborn child that’s not aware London is burning down. Hackney had its share of the looting and destruction yesterday. I dare say these youths were out of their minds. Watching them, it was as if they had been possessed and had lost every control they had over themselves. Something bigger [...]


Today was hot and sitting in was rather boring. Why waste it, when I can go out and have some fun? It didn’t cost a thing. I simply went across the street, to the park opposite my house, to read and write.  There is nothing like spending some quality time with me, myself and I. [...]


My first time at the London Book Fair and I could not help it, brought the camera out of my bag and started snapping. I was like a little girl discovering snow for the first time. I can’t explain the joy of seeing so many books on diverse subjects under one roof. I felt like [...]


Meet Mary Shittu, entrepreneur, fashion designer, make-up artist and if I am allowed to add, ‘Queen of style.’ Here is a sneak peak into her latest collection and she is rocking it! Enjoy! Mary Shittu’s Jeans Collection, better known as Ma’ Kushi Jeans Images courtesy of Mary Shittu and Max Richardon Designs by Mary Shittu [...]


On monday, I did a photo essay on the Fourth Plinth. Yesterday, it was Trafalgar Square. Today,  St James’s Park makes the cut. What can I say, the place is beautiful. To think, I have lived in London for over a decade and this was the first time, I made an effort to take in [...]


Yesterday, I did a photo essay on the Fourth Plinth. Today, it is Trafalgar Square, its fountain and Mr Nelson. I am not very big on being a tourist and walking about aimlessly but I do have to say I enjoyed this session of walking around Trafalgar Square. My friend happens to be a joker [...]


I have lived in London for over a decade, this is the first time I took my ‘time’ to really admire Trafalgar Square, St Jame’s Park and pay a visit to the Queen. Well, I walked through the front of her palace, that must count for something right? The Fourth Plinth This is the new [...]


I am trying harder at this photography thing, some are taking shape, others I dare not show anyone but I know I will get there…somehow, someday.  These were taken on wednesay on my way home from the National Theatre. I saw a fine show, the 14th Tale by Inua Ellams. If you don’t have a [...]


Funny how time flies. I took these pictures the day I won a bursary to study for my postgraduate. Feels like years ago now. Oh well, just some bright pictures of sunny London to get me started this week. Look out for an interview with Chika Unigwe, you are going to love her. Her book, [...]


  I went to the theatre last night and saw a really brillant play from Palestine, I Am Yusuf And This Is My Brother, by Amir Nizar Zuabi. On my way to the Young Vic, no it is not a pub, I saw something unusual. I believe it is supposed to be some form of [...]