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September 2020
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Was tempted to name this post, ‘Why God will not help Nigeria’ but I decided on ‘God is not a House Boy’ because many a time, we misuse God and that I find very worrying. I have observed my fellow Nigerians on social media, from Facebook to Twitter, among other platforms call on God for […]


“Ten years since a perfect blue sky turned into the darkest of nights.” The words of Mayor Bloomberg, as he gave a moving tribute to those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. Like most people, I remember where I was and what I was doing and the horror as I watched the second plane go […]


This is not a subject some ladies like to talk about openly. Well, forgive me because I want to talk about it. Ladies have hair on their legs, the thick, dark and bushy kind, which you dare not show anyone. The type you will see on men like the picture to your right.  There I […]


My journey to the Southbank for EC Osondu’s reading is one of the most eventful train journeys I have taken for a very long time. Got on the train as usual, nothing sinister or lurking about to make me think twice about the carriage I was in. As I make my way to take a […]


We cannot continue blaming men, when we as women are willing to sell our soul and body by shaking our booties and twin girls in front of the camera; while the man has all his clothes on.  We cannot complain they are taking advantage of us either. Old, excuse, old story, find a new one… […]


Cornelius Dupree Jr, is a better man and human being that I am because if my life was turned upside down this way due to mistakes in the justice system or the fact that someone lied against me or wrongly picked me out in a police line-p or that race played a role in this […]


Some interesting news stories from Africa. Enjoy!! I love Tye & Dye. It is one of my favourite fabrics and I have a thing for Tye & Dye made in the Gambia because they are one of a kind and some of the best in the world as far as I am concerned. Northern Nigeria […]


Horror is an inadequate word to describe what I felt when after watching these videos. To think that the lady, who enslaved these young ladies would treat them the way she did is still hard to believe. To know that she is African like them hurts even more because she should know from history, this […]


An alarming title for a post but since the world media is expert at creating sensational, alarmist headlines, I would like to indulge with them on this occasion.  After all the Economist, once had a cover declaring, Africa: A Hopeless Continent. Where do I start, let’s see, my beloved Africa would be a good place […]


The first time I heard about Black Girls Rock! I have to admit, I was like, okay what’s that about? However, listening to Beverly Bond talk about her dream and vision for your black girls, this is a great and innovative idea. There is more to being a black woman than the booty shaking ‘hottie’ […]


The term my brother’s keeper has metamorphosed over the years, I’m not sure if I still know the meaning. I would be most grateful if somebody helped me out. Thanks!! The west in my opinion is predominantly an individualistic society but I am always amazed at the level of compassion shown to Africa and other […]


A memoir of all memoirs…Leah Chishugi’s story is so compelling,  I had to ask where she gets the strength to carry on? A formidable woman and a humanitarian at heart, I am in awe of her bravery. To survive a genocide is no joke but to watch your uncle killed in front of you and […]


We have come so far but we still have a long way to go. From Nigeria to South Africa to India, three countries with staggering statistics. I would like to believe the day will come, when more people have access to treatment and those already infected will no longer be stigmastised or live in shame. […]


In the last few days, I have been consumed by my reading and research into the plight of Congolese women while writing my articles. At some point, I have pondered and wondered, what do I write about which has not been written? What have I got to say that has not been said. In fact, […]


Shell has been at the heart of Nigeria’s oil for decades. They have committed atrocities beyond reason, actions they would never take in America or their country of origin. However, the responsibility of development in the Niger Delta region is strictly in the hands of the Nigerian government. If they carry out their responsibility like […]


RANT 101: Watching this interview makes me angry. I am one to enthuse about giving people a second chance but every bone in my body says Ibrahim Badamosi Babaginda does not deserve and should not be given a second chance. Nigeria, Nigerians and the world don’t owe him and should not give him one. In […]