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December 2019
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Reading is a window to the soul. Writing is the room where the bird hidden away in your spirit and soul comes out to fly and flap its wings. I saw the story of Still Waters In A Storm a few days ago on the BBC News Channel and I was moved because I understand […]


Dead of the night They come to me Crying like babies Begging like paupers for a release Of all that’s locked in them Some married Some single Some gay Some hopeless Others, commitment phobics The married ones say their wives can’t pull it off anymore The single ones had rather pay to have their release […]


If sorrow is a companion I go to bed with suicide as my lover Her gentle whisper of loss Loss of hope and glory Her silent but strong voice of conviction Her aroma like the waft of an onion Being peeled one layer at a time till it sinks into you She is a powerful […]


  Woke up this morning Wondering about you and your place in life I thought about your heart And felt your pain The one you will feel when words come at you At a speed so fast, hit you unawares And leave you reeling for you did not see them coming Words, the kind that […]


I was thinking about you on my way home I have no idea why but I truly wanted to give you a hug And whisper in your ears that you are not flawed You are you and I’m me, and while we work daily To become better people It does not mean I’m better than […]


I am getting in touch with the sentimental part of myself today, it is allowed.  For I am about to break my own rule. I wrote them, I can change them too. So, its Mother’s Day and we do the honourable thing by calling our mums and  saying lovely things to them. In time past, […]


I wrote this after I heard the song, MAMA Africa by Akon. I may not be his biggest fan for many reasons but this particular tribute to the motherland made me think about myself as a woman and about other African women. Our similarities and differences, our likes and dislikes and the different things we […]


Colonised by the memory of you It suddenly hits that the hollow inside can never be closed off Not by anyone, not even the touch of a lover They say memories make or break you But yours has me intoxicated like alcohol makes nuisance of an alcoholic I remember the tears and the hugs The […]


I was having a rant a little while back when the film, Good Hair by  by Chris Rock came out. I was tired of everyone going on and on about it. The day it really cheesed me off  was when the BBC had this piece about hair and it was such a boxed up piece […]


Life is for the now It was yesterday and it will be tomorrow For today, you must live in the now You know yourself better than I know you You owe yourself more than I owe you I will never discourage you from planning for tomorrow Do stop looking back in regret, wondering what could […]


The circumstances of my birth Defines my space within the space of human existence You ask why your parents, the ones who screwed each other So your father could pop a sperm into your mum had to leave so early We agree that they were of no use to us anyway Maybe life knew they […]


In the pit of despair Death calls out to my soul Dark like midnight Lonely and icy My soul is cold Fear has never been so chilly My spirit is frozen in motion as death whispers ‘What if you ended it right here and now? To read the full poem, please go to: The Poetry […]


The first time he jammed himself into me He said it was normal for it to hurt. He said I was his favourite and I was special. He said it is only special people who get this kind of gift He said it was his gift to me No one was to know about it […]


According to Sunni Patterson, ‘We Made It.’ Listening to the above piece reminded me of a piece I wrote  a while back. I’m practically going down memory lane with this one, it is from my raging days. Don’t get comfortable, I still have that fire but I have grown up since 2007 when I wrote […]


Proud to be a woman Creativity at its best Likeness of love She celebrates herself Her feminity Her sexuality Her sensuality She celebrates her needs and desires in anticipation of fulfilment She celebrates her feelings and knowledge of her body And she celebrates her sensuality Proud to be a woman A woman with needs and […]


The bloody bastards, telling me I is a bastard and for being a bastard, I is the one who has got to come down to this bloody man and woman beings also known as human beings and tell them that we is coming. Bloody assholes, what do I look like? John The Baptist? I bet […]


I have kept a journal since I was 16. As a child, I saw my mum write in her diary and though I didn’t know what she was writing about, I got jealous that every evening, she wrote something in this small book. So, I got a notebook and started keeping a diary, trying to […]


Chief Osazuwa is dead. Benin is preparing to bury one of its favourite sons. The elders and town mourners are ready for the biggest funeral on the calendar. Tradition demands every child who is alive and well, must come home and do as custom demands. Enoma Osazuwa is far from ready. Truth be told, she […]