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January 2019
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We all have issues! What?? What does she mean we all have issues?? I don’t have any issues. You tell a lie…liar, liar, pants on fire. My name is Belinda Otas and I have issues. Now before you run for your life, I’m dealing with them and the ones I’m yet to get a hold […]


Some interesting news stories from Africa. Enjoy!! I love Tye & Dye. It is one of my favourite fabrics and I have a thing for Tye & Dye made in the Gambia because they are one of a kind and some of the best in the world as far as I am concerned. Northern Nigeria […]


The first time I heard about Black Girls Rock! I have to admit, I was like, okay what’s that about? However, listening to Beverly Bond talk about her dream and vision for your black girls, this is a great and innovative idea. There is more to being a black woman than the booty shaking ‘hottie’ […]


The term my brother’s keeper has metamorphosed over the years, I’m not sure if I still know the meaning. I would be most grateful if somebody helped me out. Thanks!! The west in my opinion is predominantly an individualistic society but I am always amazed at the level of compassion shown to Africa and other […]


The first time I heard Lisa Shannon speak, it was during an interview on ABC News, presented by Diane Sawyer. I was intrigued by this American woman, who changed her whole life for women across the ocean despite the fact that she didn’t know them by name and was yet to meet a single one […]


In the last few days, I have been consumed by my reading and research into the plight of Congolese women while writing my articles. At some point, I have pondered and wondered, what do I write about which has not been written? What have I got to say that has not been said. In fact, […]


You can say what you like, ‘diss’ them all you want and criticise them from Arizona to Alaska but you cannot deny they have got it going on! My world, what a smart lady. They say behind every man is a strong woman, I disagree. Beside every man is a strong woman and Michelle Obama […]


When you talk about the DRC, the first thing that comes to mind for me is the plight of the thousands of women caught up in a protracted war, with no end in sight. Don’t get this twisted, that’s not all there is to the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Without The DRC, you would have […]


No one likes to be rejected but it is an inevitable life experience we all have to face at one point or another. From our career to our relationships to family and friends, it can come from the place we least expected it to the very source where we had a faint idea it was […]


Dead of the night They come to me Crying like babies Begging like paupers for a release Of all that’s locked in them Some married Some single Some gay Some hopeless Others, commitment phobics The married ones say their wives can’t pull it off anymore The single ones had rather pay to have their release […]


Looks like the recession is also affecting people’s ability to walk down the aisle. Look on the bright side, at least you both know you are not in it for the money! Well, one hopes that is the case.


If foul moods can be measured in degrees, be it the Fahrenheit or Celsius format, then the one I was in this past sunday morning was way over 100, as far as both forms of measurements are concerned. I am of the opinion that the foul mood with which I woke up constituted of weeks […]


Ride on Sista! I will not belittle the content of this video by adding more. Selah!


I saw this story on CNN two days ago and it brought tears to my eyes.  It simply shows the power of a big heart and the difference one phone call makes. It would be silly of me to tell you the story of Sibahle Tshibika all over. Its all in the video, watch it […]


I was thinking about you on my way home I have no idea why but I truly wanted to give you a hug And whisper in your ears that you are not flawed You are you and I’m me, and while we work daily To become better people It does not mean I’m better than […]


Watching the BBC Africa Season on BBC 4 was a great relief to episode 2 of Welcome To Lagos. From African School to the Tutu Talks to Africa in Pictures to Rock n’ Roll Years, which focused on the ever evolving state of African music was brilliant. My only beef was the fact that they […]


Reading the first few pages of Andre Brink’s , A Fork In The Road, I  found myself wiping tears from my eyes, though they was no plan to cry or any notice that the tears would come streaming. Without sounding self-righteous or self-absorbed, thinking I have the key to heal the world of its pain. […]


“Resourceful, resilient and unbelievably determined,” words used to introduce the second instalment of the documentary, ‘Welcome To Lagos.’ The narrator further on goes to inform us, that the people living in the lagoon and ghettos are adapting to life, the way those of us in the so called, ‘developed world’ could not begin to imagine. […]