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December 2019
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Over the weekend, I read the NYT article – Successful and Schizophrenic. It blew me away. The author, Elyn Saks articulated some things I have felt and believe, when it comes to living and dealing with a medical condition. But this line stood out for me – “What I refused to accept was my prognosis.” […]


Where do I start? Okay, let me start off by saying I apologise for putting your business on full blast but you are so worth it. I have not blogged for a while and for reasons you know but for you, that hiatus is on hold for a day because I need you to know […]


This post is not an invite to a pity party. This post is not about look at what I have been through, feel sorry for me. I don’t feel sorry for myself. Though I have a lot great days and there are seasons when I have shitty days and there are days when I am […]


Happy New Year!!!!! And trust 2012 has been off to a great start. As for me, you know this jig goes, we keep keeping on! 😆 As I write my first post of the year, let me start off by saying thanks so much for taking the time to read my musings, rants, opinions, you know […]


If there is a slight chance this post will offend you, I strongly suggest that you stop reading right about now. The cautionary note is because I know, however much one tries in life not to offend, someone will find something offensive. While I have now reached the point in my adult life, where I […]


Clarence Road, Hackney is filled with an unusual and eerie silence and the police presence feels like we are under Marshal Law. Every corner you turn, there are two or three at hand to welcome you. It feels safe yet intimidating because in an ironic way, we are under surveillance. Move from Clarence Road to […]


Recently, I told a friend a secret my mum and two close friends have been privileged to know. I no longer pray about getting married or even ask God to bring the MAN of my dreams into my life. She was in disbelief. She just could not comprehend that I would not labour in prayer for something as important […]


The decision to cut my hair was agonising. Racked with nerves, I asked every question under the sun: What will my face look like without long, flowing hair and my trademark Afros? I happen to have a thing for Afros though it was all extensions/weaves. On the other hand, my natural hair, fried by relaxer […]


This is not a subject some ladies like to talk about openly. Well, forgive me because I want to talk about it. Ladies have hair on their legs, the thick, dark and bushy kind, which you dare not show anyone. The type you will see on men like the picture to your right.  There I […]


This is a whole new level of getting the kink in the bedroom up to par! Women opting for a shot to get themselves in the mood for sexual healing…well, if Stella could get her groove back with a younger men, a G-shot could be the solution for cougar wannabes… G-shot anyone??


As the world gets ready to celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, it is a ‘grave concern’ of mine that one day, when news about war in places like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, which by the way is the least reported nation in the world, among […]


My journey to the Southbank for EC Osondu’s reading is one of the most eventful train journeys I have taken for a very long time. Got on the train as usual, nothing sinister or lurking about to make me think twice about the carriage I was in. As I make my way to take a […]


The internet is filled with the story of the man with the golden voice;, hat an amazing story. I am in awe of his humility and really wish him well and that he takes his second chance with both hands and makes the most of it. Art the same time, i hope he can handle […]


Cornelius Dupree Jr, is a better man and human being that I am because if my life was turned upside down this way due to mistakes in the justice system or the fact that someone lied against me or wrongly picked me out in a police line-p or that race played a role in this […]


I have never read a book by Michell McKinney Hammond, which ended on the note of disappointment. She is always on point as far as I’m concerned. From her novels to her books on relationships, finance and being the lady you envision and have always wanted to be. Anyone remember the Diva Principles? Hammond knows […]


Belinda, did you just say you want to become one with your G-spot? Yes, I did! Like that? I knew you  would. Come on now, don’t tell me you didn’t get a twinkle in your eyes when you saw and read the word G-spot! A ha! Now, come back to earth, get your mind and […]


This is my little note to say a big thank you for making my passion a reality. This website/blog has brought me so much joy and satisfaction this year, I cannot begin to quantify the gratitude I have for all who stopped by to read my musings and rants. I am grateful for the comments […]


I first read Lovetta Conto’s story on CNN a few months ago. This young lady understands the value of paying it forward. We sure could learn something about turning your pain into a message from her. She has gone from being a refugee to being a ray of light for others. That in my opinion […]