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October 2020
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Was tempted to name this post, ‘Why God will not help Nigeria’ but I decided on ‘God is not a House Boy’ because many a time, we misuse God and that I find very worrying. I have observed my fellow Nigerians on social media, from Facebook to Twitter, among other platforms call on God for […]


“I learned implicitly that a woman’s word is not enough that we, the women harmed by rape, serve merely as witnesses. The rendering of our specific brutalities as in any other case in court, becomes “The Commonwealth vs. the Defendant.” Our names do not appear.” Charlotte Pierce-Baker (Surviving The Silence: Black Women’s Stories of Rape.) […]


Clarence Road, Hackney is filled with an unusual and eerie silence and the police presence feels like we are under Marshal Law. Every corner you turn, there are two or three at hand to welcome you. It feels safe yet intimidating because in an ironic way, we are under surveillance. Move from Clarence Road to […]


By now, it is only an unborn child that’s not aware London is burning down. Hackney had its share of the looting and destruction yesterday. I dare say these youths were out of their minds. Watching them, it was as if they had been possessed and had lost every control they had over themselves. Something bigger […]


The attacks are sadistic. The brutality with which they are carried out, defy comprehension. Impunity has replaced law and order and it appears the international community has lost its mandate to stem the continuous and gruesome use of rape as a weapon of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Hence, I wonder, who will […]


Abimbola Junaid is a social change practitioner with over 10 years experience as a community development officer, working with women, disenfranchised and marginalised youths, asylum seekers, drug addicts and alcoholics to regain their rightful position in society. Junaid is the founder of Arise! Nigerian Woman Foundation, an organisation that campaigns for gender equality, the political […]


It is not everyday you get a writer whose heritage spans three continents but that is what you have with Shailja Patel, a Kenyan-Indian-American. Her words are dark, deep and hypnotic on all levels of human sensibility and reasoning. Patel’s words are so potent, they transpose you intellectually, mentally and emotionally to a different place […]


To understand South Africa’s political repositioning in recent history, its racial tensions, social and economic divides and its ever evolving nature, you have to understand the country’s past. This is the mammoth task Dominic Lapierre has taken on with his epic historical account of the rainbow nation. Divided into four sections, ‘In Search of a […]


South Africa is a nation with many life cycles as it keeps evolving. Allow me to declare my love for the nation, its people and their culture but when that is said and done, what does South Africa stand for today? What are its policies, at home, regionally and internationally? On Libya, I disagree with […]


Cote d’Ivoire and the troubles, which beleaguer this once promising and prosperous nation has been on and off, our screen for months. It is a dance of wolves, vultures and chickens, who don’t know when to give up and call it a day. Laurent Gbagbo’s action have been costly and in my opinion, unforgivable. He […]


It is my understanding the speech below, was given by Attahiru M. Jega, as he announced the postponement of the Nigerian elections, which should have started today to 4 April.  While I empathise with him and my fellow Nigerians, this is a cock-up of the highest order and could have been avoided. Nigeria, by all […]


We cannot deny Cornel West divides opinion across the board. Some love him, some loathe him and others just don’t want to know. In this edition of Riz Khan, West discusses issues to do with race, injustice, inequality and the current crisis in Libya.  What do you think about his stance on the Obama administration? […]


We have seen the likes of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, and President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, criticise The UN Resolution 1973 as regards to Libya and the implementation of the no-fly zone. Let’s call a spade a spade, these two arse-holes have no right to speak considering their record in office. Like Gaddafi, they […]


Fela said music is a weapon and Angelique Kidjo said it is a window to the soul. Two very powerful statements about the power of music that I agree with.  Watching these two very different documentaries exploring the arts and its ability to influence people got me thinking because they opened my eyes to other […]


The negative events in Libya and Ivory Coast have managed to overshadow other news stories on the African continent in recent time. Nigeria is getting ready for an election, yet, it has barely garnered any sensational headlines with the international news media. Well, I guess that’s a not a bad thing because if the elections […]


The world is spinning in a cyclone of uncertainty. From revolutions to natural disasters to continuous political upheaval. Let me start in Ivory Coast, where the political deadlock continues and there is no solution in sight! It is hard to take sides the more I learn about Laurent Gbagbo. I am not saying Alassane Ouattara, […]


In an interview with the New African, Tony Blair, former British PM, said Africa’s future is in African hands. Without a doubt, he is on point because if it is going to be, it is down to us. We must and need to get out of that spoon-feeding mentality. Law: Let’s start with our legal […]


For as long as I can remember, authoritarian and repressive governments have always been afraid of writers and their pens. The might of the pen goes beyond the creation of creative and rhythmical prose on the page. It also provokes the masses and maybe, individuals, who for had issues with what they see happening around […]