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October 2019
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Judy Kibinge is an award-winning Kenya writer and filmmaker. With a background in advertising, Kibinge is the founder of Seven, a production outfit based in Nairobi. Her films include The Aftermath and Dangerous Affair, which has been described as ‘one of the most important films in Kenya’s film history’. She has also produced a number […]


Thula Sindi is one of South Africa best known young designers.  Sophisticated, elegant, chic, feminine and timeless adequately describe his creations that graciously adorn the female form in all its facets, both young and matured. Not one to sit around and wait for inspiration, Sindi is constantly documenting his sketches and design concepts in what […]


An innovative and influential force, David Tlale has built a brand founded on the traditional and modern aesthetics of fashion, and creating bold designs with memorable elements. An award-winning designer, renowned for being at the cutting edge, Tlale’s designs defy expectations and convention and they epitomise artistry of an infinite level.  He can be described […]


Zekaryas Solomon, Eritrea born and German raised, believes a dress is “never just a dress, but can be worn and styled in limitless ways. From a twisted, wrapped, or flipped look, where each garment becomes unique to the wearer.” As the man behind the brand, he draws inspiration from his Eritrean heritage, re-interpreting traditional costumes […]


Mustafa Hassanali is the man for whom, fashion is a religion. Esteemed as one of Tanzania’s most revered designers, his flamboyant creations are a fusion of the deeply embedded cultural heritage of Tanzanian society with avant-garde, hip and contemporary styles. Known for showcasing four collections each year, he described his 2010, Parfum d’Amour collection as […]


2011 has been momentous year for the Africa.  From Egypt to Tunisia and Libya, a change of guard is reshaping the continent’s political landscape. In the diaspora, a different kind of change is also taking shape as Africans challenge each other about rebuilding the continent from the powers of corridor to economic growth and social […]


An offspring of TED, a global non-profit devoted to the power of using ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world; TedxEuston wants to ‘reflect ideas and inspired thinking of a new generation of African leaders committed to engaging and re-engaging in an active and meaningful manner with the continent. By Africans for Africans, […]


Gary Dourdan’s journey has been nothing but interesting. From making music videos with Janet Jackson, acting in theatre to playing music with bands in NYC in the early 1990’s. He has also enjoyed various acting roles in TV soaps/series, his most popular to date as Warrick Brown in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Dourdan’s most recent […]


Sada Mire is the world’s only Somaliland archaeologist, who has taken on the task of telling Africa’s forgotten stories hidden in some of its undiscovered ruins. Fuelled by her passion to see the image ofAfricamove beyond the one-dimensional narrative of poverty, famine and wars, Mire believes Africans must record their history and preserve their heritage […]


“I learned implicitly that a woman’s word is not enough that we, the women harmed by rape, serve merely as witnesses. The rendering of our specific brutalities as in any other case in court, becomes “The Commonwealth vs. the Defendant.” Our names do not appear.” Charlotte Pierce-Baker (Surviving The Silence: Black Women’s Stories of Rape.) […]


Listed by the Powerlist 2011, as one of the most influential black people in Britain, Sandie Okoro is the Global General Counsel for Barings, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious financial institutions. The daughter of a Nigerian father and a Trinidadian mother,  and in her 40s, Okoro is one of a few women […]


With her earnest lyrics, a haunting and soothing sound and a raspy, seductive and magnetic voice, AYO has won adoring fans across Europe, North America and Africa, for her openness which many can relate to. In her own words, AYO on music as her therapy and why identity is important to her.   Belinda: What […]


  From NPR: African Writer Helps Put Her Community On Media Map   While stories typically associated with African literature may not top summer reading lists, a generation of African writers is trying to change that perception. To learn more, host Michel Martin speaks with Taiye Selasi, whose short story “The Sex Lives of African […]


Rahmon Olugunna’s work is said to ‘evoke the fertile artistic landscape of Oshogbo’s cultural heritage and artistic movement.’ A third generation Oshogbo artist, Olugunna keeps pushing artistic boundaries with his abstract interpretations, set in a ‘mosaic of striking colours and patterns’ but maintains his passion to keep the intrinsic representation of Yoruba mythology and culture. […]


Watching CNN African Voices, was the firts time I heard about Zackie Achmat and his work to ‘improve access to affordable treatment for people with HIV/AIDS.’ His work is to be commended and supported by all. HIV/Aids respects no one and affects the young and old, gay and straight, men and women. However, everyone should […]


“Art was the means by which sacred history served the function of revealing those invisible dimensions that gave support to transcendent ideals. For without sacred history, self would have no relationship to family, family would have no relationship to community; community no relationship to world, and world no relationship to Creation.” The words of Fowokan […]


By now, it is clear I am a sucker for the CNN’s programme, African Voices. It is a fascinating 30mins that gives you insight into the Africa, we don’t see a lot of in mainstream media. Hence, I cherish the opportunity to celebrate astounding and high achieving Africans who shed light on issues and the […]


Staying with the theme of health, my post for the last two days has been about healthcare in Africa, Africa’s Healthcare: Advances and Concerns Parts 1 & 2. Today, I am going across the ocean and with the help of CNN, African Voices, I would like to bring your attention to the story of Amina […]